RGV In Trouble Over His Controversial Sunny Leone Tweet, Says He Is Filing A Counter Complaint

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Updated on 4 Sep, 2017 at 4:39 pm

Just hours after director Ram Gopal Varma sent out controversial “anti women’s day” tweets, he found himself in trouble with Goa activist Vishaka Mhambre filing a complaint against him.


Varma, who in his initial tweets had said that he wished all women give men as much “happiness” as Sunny Leone does, had later tried to repair the damage by saying that he was praising her and her honesty.


Instead of bogging down he tweeted that he is planning to file a ‘counter’ complaint against Mhambre for “disrespecting 18 lakh followers of Sunny Leone”.


His initial tweet had received a lot of backlash from his followers, for which RGV had called them hypocrites and illiterate.