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These Unexpected Revelations Made By Kajol On Aap Ki Adalat Are Bound To Surprise You

Updated on 30 August, 2018 at 4:32 pm By

One of the finest actresses in the industry, Kajol is all set to take us on her joyride with her upcoming film Helicopter Eela. The film is about a single mother Eela who joins her teen son’s college to finish her education. The trailer of the film is packed with hilarious anecdotes that cannot be missed. While Kajol is in full swing with the promotions of the film, she recently, joined the league of the Bollywood actors who appeared on the popular talk show Aap Ki Adalat, hosted by the Editor-in-Chief of India TV, Rajat Sharma.


Well, during her conversation with Rajat Sharma on Aap Ki Adalat, Kajol spilled the beans on some of the major secrets from her personal and professional life that are bound to make your jaws drop. As she divulged some fascinating secrets from her life, Kajol showed her unapologetic and bold persona on the national television.



From the top films that she rejected to her first meeting with husband Ajay Devgn, have a read at some of the extreme revelations made by Kajol on Aap Ki Adalat:


1. Prank on husband Ajay Devgn over the phone




The actress with the most loving nature in the industry has made us emotional with her splendid acting skills. Apparently, on the talk show, Kajol narrated a throwback incident from the shooting of her first Bollywood film with Ajay Devgn named Hulchul. As she was talking to the host Rajat Sharma, Kajol said that she played a silly prank on Ajay Devgn over the phone during the shoot. Incidentally, when Ajay Devgn called her on the hotel room landline, she picked up the phone and impersonated the legendary Sridevi on the phone and then hung up. Later, he had to call Kajol’s mother Tanuja in order to get in touch with her.


2. She lost her memory temporarily after a bicycle accident



As we all know Shah Rukh Khan is also quite a prankster himself in real life. Well, Kajol’s beloved co-star SRK also played a silly prank on Kajol during the shoot of the film Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. Apparently, during the shooting of the film, Kajol fell while riding a bicycle and suffered from temporary amnesia. Well, this little incident played in favor of Karan Johar and SRK. They tricked Kajol by convincing her that she is an extra in the film Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and not the lead actress. Well, that is quite some prank!


3. When she met Karan Johar for the first time



On the show Aap Ki Adalat, Kajol went all nostalgic and recalled the moment when she met a young Karan Johar for the first time at a party. She revealed the details about the incident and said that she found Karan extremely funny. It happened at the time when Karan Johar was about 20-years-old. They met in a disco where there was a filmy gathering. Kajol said when she saw Karan Johar for the first time laughed like anything as Karan was wearing a three-piece suit at the disco party. She went up front to Karan and said “you are looking very funny!” in front of all the people.


4. How Kajol fell in love with the ‘Khadoos’ Ajay Devgn



On Aap Ki Adalat, Kajol revealed that for the first time she found her now-husband Ajay Devgn very ‘khadoos’. She said that he used to silently observe people while drinking coffee in the corner. He is not a man of many words! Somehow, they talked and became friends. Finally, the duo fell in love. After they got married in a private-knitted affair with close friends and friends, they went for a two-month honeymoon around the world.


5. Tiff with close friend Karan Johar



As we are well aware that Kajol and Karan Johar have been close friends since they have started working together. Their friendship has been through many ups and downs. Well, they had a rift during the release of Ajay Devgn’s Shivaay and KJo’s Ae Dil Hai Mushkil in 2016 after which they did not talk for some time. But during her conversation with the host, Kajol said that after the birth of KJo’s twins Roohi and Yash, she couldn’t stop herself from meeting her close friend. Further, she said, things like these keeps on happening between friends and then assured the audience that everything is back to normal between her and Karan Johar.



For more such secrets, watch the entire episode of Aap Ki Adalat with Kajol here:



Check out the trailer for Kajol’s film Helicopter Eela here:



Which of these revelations surprised you the most?

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