Acid Attack Survivor Resham Khan Shares Her New Photos. It Is The Best Thing On Internet Today

6:30 pm 1 Nov, 2017


The world is a nasty place for women. Recurring incidents of sexual assault, acid attacks, discrimination on the basis of sex and harassment, usually fill the headlines of newspapers and news feeds of social media. Recently, a two-word hashtag (#MeToo) created a unique revolution on social networks and a large number of women criticized sexual assault and harassment, in the wake of sexual offense allegations against Harvey Weinstein. Women came forward in masses to share their horrific experiences related to misconduct and immorality. Never before we saw celebrities and people throughout the world joining a movement such as this.


Actress Alyssa Milano started the #MeToo campaign.

Since then, things have not been the same for women. Now they know, that there is no place for the wrongdoers. Neither they feel shy anymore to speak up for themselves. If not real, the virtual world is giving space to feminism and female-centric stories.

And now, a woman named Resham Khan has become the latest source of inspiration to many. Resham is an acid attack survivor and through her Twitter account, she has given the world the most humane message right after the #MeToo rebellion.


Sometime back, Resham and her cousin were attacked with acid through a car window, while she was in London. Since then, her life took a drastic turn and everything that was normal, changed for her.


Resham Khan was attacked with acid.

However, she didn’t give up and fought back. After going through a tough treatment, Resham’s condition started improving. She tried reconnecting herself with her friends and followers and posted a selfie post-treatment. She wrote on Twitter:


What we saw after this was unexpected. People lauded her spirit of not shying away anymore and inspired her more and more for her courage. Resham instantly gained a lot of praise on social media.




Last month we learned how Resham had started recovering and sharing her beautiful pictures. Her story is truly motivating and is a clear example of how one must fight back, even if life puts you down. We salute her spirit and hope she gets becomes stronger with each day.

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