Republic TV Journalists Attacked And Pushed Out Of AICC Premises

8:06 pm 1 Aug, 2017


Another attack on journalists of Arnab Goswami-led Republic TV has come to light today. In the wake of the Sunanda Pushkar death case, Republic TV has been slammed, stopped and has been termed as irresponsible paid media, time and again by congress MP Shashi Tharoor.

Republic TV’s crew comprising of Pariskhit Luthra, Sreya, Sakal Bhatt and Shweta Kothari along with their video journalists were stopped from entering Shashi Tharoor’s press briefing which was held at the AICC headquarters.

Reporters were assaulted, pushed and thrashed, according to some of them, it was almost a stampede kind of a situation.

To stop the journalists, bouncers were called on the spot, preventing them from entering the AICC premises. According to Arnab, the journalists were just trying to ask questions on the Sunanda Pushkar murder case when they were disallowed and assaulted.

According to a report, the Delhi High Court on Tuesday questioned the Delhi Police about the two-year delay in the investigation. The Delhi High Court has also asked for the filing of an additional status report. Dr. Subramanian Swamy said that there has been a delay in executing justice. He further mentioned that the “case went very well and the court heard all the matters in detail”.

The reporters then held placards and protested outside the AICC headquarters.

While some other people have also come in to support of Republic TV:

The media has been fighting for freedom of the press for a long time. The assault on the reporters of Republic TV today was highly disappointing especially when the reporters were just doing their work.



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