Dhoni’s Masterclass In Patriotism: Questions A Scribe If He Was Happy About India’s Win

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Updated on 26 Mar, 2016 at 2:40 pm


It was a dramatic World T20 win for India when they registered a one run victory over Bangladesh in Bengaluru’s M Chinnaswamy Stadium on March 23.

Following the dramatic win, Indian skipper MS Dhoni faced a lot of tough questions at the post-match press conference.




Though he answered all of them satisfactorily, he was left fuming by a reporter who not only questioned Dhoni’s happiness over the victory, but also questioned India’s position with regards to the Run Rate.

Dhoni unhappy with the question asked, immediately stopped the reporter and said:

“I know you are not happy with India winning. Listening to your question and your tone while asking the question it seems you are not happy with the Indian team’s win….As far as the cricket match is concerned, there is not script, you have to analyse after losing the toss on what the kind of pitch we were batting, what could have been the reason for not scoring enough runs. And if you are not analyzing these things sitting outside, then you should not ask such questions.”

During the presser Dhoni also acknowledged that it was chaos out on the field and every moment and run mattered, he said:
“I think what is important is to listen to everyone. In situations like this it is literally chaos. You’re trying to manage chaos. Everyone will come, he will have his own opinion, often the opinion of a batsman is very different to that of a bowler, but what you have to do is see what the strength of a batsman is who is batting at that point of time. How the wicket is behaving. Whether there is reverse swing or not, all these things you need to calculate.”
He also acknowledged that listening to everyone helped him and every opinion matters as the view of a batsman varies from that of a bowler.
“I feel what really helps is listening to all of them, but at the end of the day you push the bowler to bowl what you feel is good at that point of time. If I am convinced that this is something that I want to do, then I go ahead and do it. But definitely having an open mind at that time really helps because in situations like these, under pressure, you may have a tunnel vision and that’s where the point of views of others come in handy. You have to assess everything in a very short span of time.”

He concluded the conference by acknowledging that the match was the first one where India was really under pressure.