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17 Signs That Your Girlfriend Is The Replica Of Monica Geller

Updated on 10 July, 2016 at 9:20 am By

When you watch a rerun of Friends, does it strike you that your girlfriend is somewhat like Monica Geller? Is it somewhat, quite a lot or the exact same persona? Since we don’t want you to be confused about it, here are 17 signs that show your girlfriend is the replica of Monica Geller.

1. She is hyper. She is impulsive. She is loud.



2. She loves cooking and if you try to betray her, she might cook you up as well.


3. She is strong, trust me with that. Remember the arm wrestling competition between cat woman and pink bunny?


4. She is possessive but in a good way!


5. She feels she has had the best relationship with you. She has been bad with some before.


6. She is competitive and best at everything. You can’t defeat her certainly.


7. She is outspoken, she is out there.



8. She gets extremely low during break ups but she knows how to move on.


9. Falling for either very young men or very old is a usual thing for her.


10. She is the hostess – serving people, calling them to her place, and organizing parties is her thing!


11. She is extremely particular about cleanliness. A peanut on the sofa, you are gone my boy.


12. She likes to do things herself and in a way which suits her and others best.


13. She can’t keep a secret. She isn’t very tight-lipped.


14. She is dreamy and future planning is a god gift to her!


15. She is insanely organized. She can tell you where your stuff is even in sleep.


16. She is a pro at hairstyles. And fooseball too. Sports is her thing.


17. Moreover, she loves friends over anyone!




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