Renuka Shahane’s Indirect Rant About Vijay Mallya Is Full Of Sarcasm And Makes A Lot Of Sense

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Updated on 5 Sep, 2017 at 5:48 pm

Like a badass alpha woman, Renuka Shahane has taken a dig at the king of good times, Vijay Mallya. Talking about the Kingfisher in her latest Facebook post, Renuka Shahane has taken the pun to a whole new level.


The actress’s rant about Vijay Mallya is going viral and people are appreciating the way she has cleverly slammed him without taking his name in the post even once.

Here’s what Renuka Shahane has written in her post:

I’m a real Kingfisher!


I am ashamed & mortified of a corrupt rich industrialist who has ruined my name by association. King of good times NOT! मूह दिखाने के क़ाबिल नहीं छोड़ा।


I’ve heard he is living the “very good times”, shamelessly in UK while the bank who he owes an amount that will feed an entire nation is going to write off his loan! And I’ve heard that poor farmers are agitating for their loans to be written off and the banks are not happy doing that!


I’ve also heard that human beings have “higher order thinking”. I’m happy I’m a bird! Please give me my reputation back though!!!


Renuka has proved her intelligence with this post. Check out her original post here:


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