Renuka Shahane Saved Her Sister-in-Law With One Tweet, Indian Railway Minister Deserves Salute

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11:40 am 25 Oct, 2016

Twitter these days does not only give people a platform to voice their opinion but also provides them other facilities. Suresh Prabhu, the Railway Minister is known for his helpful nature. Since the time he has been assigned this position he has been helping passengers time and again.


Whether it’s about arranging wheelchairs for needy passengers or providing them prompt medical help, Suresh Prabhu has done all of this within minutes and has become a hero in the eyes of many.

This time, it was Renuka Shahane who asked Suresh Prabhu for help for her 63-years-old sister-in-law Kamini Gupta, who was traveling alone on a train.



In a series of tweets, Renuka Shahane expressed the need for urgent medical attention for Kamini.


Urgent medical attention needed…


Please help!!!


The 24×7 highly active service replied with a positive response.


Renuka seems really thankful for all the quick attention.


They soon got in touch with Renuka Shahane’ sister-in-law and provided her the medical attention she needed.


This is how Suresh Prabhu replied…


Renuka couldn’t thank him enough for all the help he provided.


Suresh Prabhu’s dedication towards his work is an inspiration for all. He truly is a blessing!



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