In An Emotional Post, Actress Renuka Shahane Invites Irom Sharmila To Stay With Her

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5:56 pm 12 Aug, 2016


Irom Sharmila, the Indian iconic activist, broke her fast after 16 years. But, instead of being praised for her fight against removal of AFSPA, her ‘own’ shunned her away. She was turned away from her locality and had to return tot he hospital.

“At that moment, I felt the best thing for them would have been beating me to death. What is the difference between being beaten to death or dying from fasting. Not much. They want me to remain a martyr forever. But I can’t always be a martyr,” she said.

Moved by her plight, actress Renuka Shahane invited her to stay with her in a moving facebook post.

She said,” Irom Sharmila if you have no place that is willing to accept you please stay with me in Mumbai, it will be an honour.”



Shahane said that the image of being sent back to the hospital bed that was Sharmila’s prison for 16 years but  now suddenly became her home, broke her heart.


Irom Sharmila in the hospital NewindianExpress

Irom Sharmila in the hospital

Her post has gone viral and people appreciated her gesture.



We need to rethink about kind of society we are building.



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