When A Renowned Brand Uses Prank Websites For Revolutionary Advertisement

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7:43 pm 23 Jan, 2014


Old Spice is not old. On the contrary it is younger than any creative mind on earth could possibly be. Seriously man! The ad agency that came up with this out-of-the-world promotional idea should be handed all the advertisement business of the world. How on earth do you advertise your product in this fast changing viral video world? You use viralism (that’s what I would call it) to the capacity. Old Spice guys fine-tuned prank websites and mixed it with the highest video quality available on the internet to produce masterpieces in online advertisement. What they did was simply create a few prank websites – sites you usually love to visit – and then pleasantly surprise you with their commercial.

Old SPice

When you click on any of the below mentioned links, you are directed to a website purportedly related to it. But in a few seconds, you hear an alarm and then the page simply drops down. What comes next is another uniqueness of the ad – a full page HD video of the Old Spice commercial you are originally meant to see.


Enjoy them here:

Illegal Neck Workouts

100% Solid Gold Headsets

Black Leather Sheets

Protein cologne

Spray tan parties

Condos inside gyms

Bargain tattoos of America

Soulpatch powder


Credit: Greg Kumparak of TechCrunch

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