A US Body Wants All References To India And Hinduism Removed From History Textbooks

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Updated on 18 Aug, 2017 at 12:51 pm


While a section of the “enlightened” JNU students (read the Leftist heroes Anirban Bhattacharya, Umar Khalid and Kanhaiya Kumar) continue their battle against what they call “fascism” under the Modi-led BJP government, their socialist brethren in the West are doing everything possible to wipe out all traces of India’s history and Hinduism from textbooks.

A South Asia studies faculty has asked the California Board of Education to replace “India” with “South Asia” for a reading of the history of the land before 1947.


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Such a decision, if implemented, will not only have a significant bearing upon the education students of history receive in California but will generate a ripple effect that will travel all the way to India’s shores.

The faculty is of the mistaken belief that there was nothing called “India” before 1947. South Asia is a term that has emerged as a geographic term in last few decades only.

If that was not enough, the faculty has also suggested that “Hinduism” be called “Ancient Indian Religion”.


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A petition has now been floated urging the Board not to heed to the faculty’s suggestion. The petition, has been filed by Vamsee Juluri, Professor of Media Studies, University of San Francisco, Dr Yvette Rosser, Independent Researcher & Expert on History Textbooks, Ramesh Rao, Professor of Communication, Columbus State University, and Vishal Misra, Professor of Computer Science, Columbia University.

The petitioners call it an absurd and illogical suggestion because the word “India” has been in usage in some form since the time of the ancient Greeks and Romans.




The petition reads:

“Did Columbus go searching for ‘South Asia’? Are the islands of the Caribbean Sea called the ‘West South Asian-es’ instead of the ‘West Indies’?…Was it the British East ‘South Asia’ Company that led colonial trade and exploitation?…When you have to choose between Chinese, Japanese, Mexican and Indian food do you tell your family and friends, let’s have ‘East Asian,’ ‘East-East-Asian,’ ‘Middle North American,’ and … ‘South Asian’?”

Why this should be objected to?

Because an attempt is on to alter India’s history to suit the ideology of the Leftist school of thought across the world. Even in India, during the Congress-led UPA rule, a lot of misleading and factually incorrect information were inserted in the NCERT history textbooks, including the labelling of Bhagat Singh as a “terrorist“.

Sign the petition and save your history from this insensitive attempt at obliteration.