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14 Remixes From The 2000s That Today’s College Kids Have No Clue Of!

Updated on 19 January, 2019 at 3:25 pm By

A list of the best remixes from the 2000s that will send you grooving down memory lane!




People love modifying and customizing things according to their taste and music is no exception! Old music has been made and remade with both disastrous and wonderful results. Majority of the music recorded in the early 2000s were remixes and undoubtedly were some of the best tracks ever. This was during the period when micro minis, crop tops and boot-cut jeans were at their peak, so try not to judge some of the videos!



Here’s a list of the most popular, if not best, remixes from the 2000s that today’s kids simply shouldn’t miss! Oldies, here’s your chance to go back to the time when you thought Rakhi Sawant was hot!

1. Roop Tera Mastana


The baap of all remixes (quite literally), this track introduced both remixes and raps in Indian music. The rapper, wearing nothing but overalls, gets his swag on while an adorable old couple gets busy.


Also note a fresh out of dance school Geeta Kapoor playing the role of a maid who was obviously cut out to be a pop star. And is that Anushka Sharma at 2.26?




2. Pardesiya

This remix can very well be called a sensation and a career launcher for the “Jaaniffer Lopaz” of Bollywood, Rakhi Sawant. She plays a secretary fantasizing about her boss and goes so far as to put a mysterious pill in his tea which miraculously makes him imitate her emotions. (That’s not harassment of course). Apart from that, this is the perfect track for those moments when alcohol makes you believe you can dance!




3. Saiyan Dil Me Aana Re

This black and white era song was remade into quite a colourful track with an equally colourful video. Drashti Dhami probably entered the telly world after this music video, which has her replete with unmanageable curly hair. Quite the chic song!




4. Chhod Do Aanchal (Bombay Vikings)

One of most popular Bombay Vikings mixes, this track was another one of their typical pop songs with the most used words being “baby” and “love”.  While some of parts of the original were retained, this remix has some fresh beats and music. And of course some African-American style singing doesn’t hurt either.




4.1 Chhod Do Aanchal (Negar Khan)

That wasn’t the only Chhod Do Aanchal Remix to hit town! At the same time as the Bombay Vikings and with a very very similar storyline to the video, another Chhod Do Aanchal remix came, retaining the original lyrics. You tell me which one was better.




5. Nahi Nahi Abhi Nahi

This was during the RD Burman phase of remixes, most of which were by DJ Aqeel. He was probably one of the top artists when it came to remixes and this one was quite popular. The video has a supposedly drunk (and cute) Ayesha Takia making her guy friend go through all the troubles of handling a drunk friend. Not to forget, the DJ keeps saying “Shake it daddy” for some hilarious reason.




6. Aare Deewano Mujhe Pehchaano

DJ Aqeel at it again with this remix of the blockbuster, Amitabh Bachchan starrer. Apart from the robotic vocals and use of choicest expletives, DJ Aqeel has also taken the liberty of slightly altering the lyrics. The star of the video is Jackie Shroff playing the undefeated Don, much to our amusement. Also, do not miss Bobby Darling stretching the stereotyped definition of what she does best!




7. Saamne Yeh Kaun Aaya

Do yourself a favour and do not miss this one.  One of the most popular ones, this was another Kishore Kumar remix with the same 70s vibes.  Polka dots, leather pants and bad hairstyles included! Notice rap portions by rapper Ravi “Rags” Khote.




8. Jhumka Gira Re

This remix will make you realize that Asha Bhosale’s vocals and “shake it like you mean it” can exist in the same song.  Any remix from the 2000s was incomplete without American background singers though, hence this was no exception. Don’t miss the video starring then hot (apparently) Riya Sen with tacky lip gloss.




9. Rama Rama Gazab Hui Gawa Re

One weird remix which for some even more weird reason, became popular. Little did Lata Mangeshkar know what her soulful 70s track would turn into! The video has a woman who cons unsuspecting men using her *cough cough* charms. Gazab hui gawa indeed!




10. Meri Madhubala

This is a special one. A Marathi-Hindi remix of Bai Bai Manmoracha Kasa Pisara Fulala, this track is Avdhoot Gupte’s mastermix. The video features actress Aarti Chhabria and some damn cool animations! The actual ‘moracha pisara’ worn by the actor also adds a funny touch to this beyond cool for their time remix.




11. Kabhi Aar Kabhi Paar

This one by Baby Doll was hot! The school girl uniform and the gyrations in the video made sure we watched this at night while chatting on Yahoo! Messenger.



11.1 Kabhi Aar Kabhi Paar

Another song to be remixed almost at the same time by two different people, Raghav was as cute as Baby Doll was hot. This one features slightly changed lyrics.




12. Chadhti Jawaani

With skimpy dressed fairies trying to fit into our cruel manipulative world, who doesn’t want to listen to the music?

13. Hum Bewafa

Jhinga la la hu by Shaan! That is all I am going to say!


14. Dhagala Lagli Kala

An all time favourite monsoon track, this had become insanely popular when it had come out. Give it a listen and write to us if you don’t end up dancing immediately!


Apart from reviving good, old music, these remixes also launched some later top (or not) heroines through their videos. Making remixes was a mad trend that picked up during the 2000s, thus making old music cooler for college kids.


We have deliberately not included Kaanta Laga because if you don’t already know it, please consider taking sanyaas. Also, this article is from the series of Discovering 90s & early 2000s music, something today’s college kids have grown up without having an inkling of!


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What other remixes do you remember dancing to?




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