Police Concluded A Religious Leader Didn’t Rape And Impregnate A Minor, But She Got Possessed By ‘Evil Spirits’

Updated on 14 Jan, 2019 at 4:50 pm


India is a country that is plagued by many issues. One of them is putting blind faith on religious leaders. Despite many of them are guilty of rape, people are still inclined to believe in anyone who claims to have a deeper understanding of the religion. On a personal level, it is fine to have faith in the leaders but that should certainly not interfere with one’s work. Especially if someone is a part of the Police force! Not only that but it turns out to be a deadly combination if the blind faith is mixed with superstitions.

Something similar recently happened in Ajmer, Rajasthan. After a complaint from an NGO, the police started investigating the matter of pregnancy of a minor girl.




The NGO filed a complaint after intercepting the girl’s sonography report. With other inputs, advocate Raksha Sharma filed the complaint through her NGO known as Sakhi Saheli. She accused a religious guru of allegedly raping a minor girl for several months and then impregnating her.

Going by the reports, soon a police investigation was prompted to take a deeper look into the matter. Initially, the superintendent of Police provided protection to the minor and asked the Station House Officer (SHO) to look further in the matter. Later SHO’s team presented the report that the minor girl was not pregnant. What added the bizarre part is that they claimed that the girl is ‘possessed by evil spirits’.



The advocate who filed the complaint further said that the religious guru is pressurizing the victim and her family.  The parents have also decided to sacrifice their daughter in name of faith as they are forcing her to get an abortion. She further said that the family is concerned about the reputation of the Godman and do not want to defame him.


Naturally, the netizens reacted on this stupidity. Check out their comments:






The advocate has decided to take the matter to High Court and also has filed a complaint against the investigating officers. Unless we are ready to step out of our blind faith to see the true colors of the religious leaders, these atrocities will never stop. What are your thoughts on this matter?

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