Reliance Jio Is Offering Rs.2010 Worth Of 4G Data On JioFi For Old Dongle, Datacard, Router

5:27 pm 7 May, 2017

Upping the battle of the 4G in the Indian data market, Reliance Jio has come up with a unique offering.

If you have a dongle, datacard or hotspot router, you can now exchange it at any Jio Digital store or Jio Care store and get 4G data worth Rs.2010.



There are two kinds of plans and both are very simple.

In the first plane, a user will have to hand over their existing dongle, datacard or hotspot router to avail the offer.

They will, however, have to pay Rs.1,999 for the router and get a mandatory first recharge of Rs.408. This recharge includes a basic plan and the Jio Prime membership.

This total comes to Rs.2,407. Once done, the customer will get the Rs.2010 worth of 4G data for free. So technically the actual cost to the customer comes down to just Rs.397.


The Reliance JioFi.

In the second plan, there is no need for exchange. You just go and buy a JioFi router for Rs.1,999 and get the mandatory recharge of Rs.408 done.

Yet there is still an offer from Reliance – 4G data worth Rs.1,005. So technically, the actual cost comes down to just Rs.1,402.

Do note that exchange offer is valid for the following brands only and for 3G devices alone.


Reliance has not officially sent a press release but its official Twitter handle has been talking about it with social media users for some time.


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