15 Signs Which Show You Are In A Relationship With Your Phone!

4:00 pm 20 Apr, 2015


Relationships are of two types: One, when you drag yourself to live with it for the rest of your life, and, two, when you simply have that urge to end the relationship just cuz it’s not working anymore (like literally not working anymore). Well, guess what, you and your phone definitely share a relationship of the second kind! First, you enjoy, take care of it in the beginning, then it starts to deteriorate a bit, then comes the throwing and pushing and, finally, after a big fight all you’re left with is: “Hey, I love you, but I am sorry, you’re not working anymore.”

Let’s have a look at 15 signs which show you are in a relationship with your phone!

1. What do you do the first thing in the morning? Think! Thought? Well, I guess you have your answer then. You cannot get out of bed, before you have a look through your Whatsapp!

2. You always have that fear for your phone, the battery. Yes, the battery! You always have the fear that it might die. And you try all your resources to make sure it doesn’t!

3. You go around, showing off, complimenting and appreciating it and you’re not afraid to express your love for it.

4. You adore it for about a month after you have it. You buy accessories for it. You cover it! And when you see it naked, it still seems brand new, though it isn’t.

5. You feel panicked if you haven’t heard from it for a while. You cannot live without it for more than a minute. And I’m still at the starting phase!

6. Into the middle stage, your phone starts lagging. It’s not the same as it used to be. You now have trust issues!

7. You now feel bored with it. You now throw it here and there. It’s not the same. Something is changing and you don’t like it.

8. Then, the phone hits a dead end. But why worry. You have a one year guarantee. The phone goes away for a while and you are sad!

9. TADA! Here comes your not-so-brand-new, repaired phone. Just like old times. And you are so so happy!

10. You become ‘that guy’ who spends more than 60% of his day with your phone. And why not, she’s back and everything is like the way it should be!

11. ‘Auto-suggest sentence’ AWWW! It understands me so well. My phone completes sentences for me.

12. ‘Auto-correct’ Damn! Now she just can’t stop correcting me. Gosh! Go get a life.

13. The ‘guarantee period’ is over. You just celebrated your anniversary. It was nice. But now you have second thoughts about your relation.

14. The ‘old problems’ have risen from the dead. Lagging is a daily affair now. New ‘models’ have come into the market and you cannot wait to get a hand on them!

15. There you go, into the market, in the store. Check out a few models and get your hands onto one! You still love the old one, but you know. It’s time, you ended the relationship!


It’s a happy ending after all. You did end on good terms! YAYY!

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