12 Important Relationship Lessons You Can Learn From Ranveer Singh

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10:00 am 19 Feb, 2016

Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh seem to be the most ideal on earth. What makes them look so good? Deepika has always been awesome, but Ranveer Singh deserves the title of ‘best boyfriend’. Here are some important relationship lessons you must learn from Ranveer Singh:


1. He did the most adorable act to wish his girlfriend luck for her upcoming movie.

He knows how to make her feel ‘loved’.


2. Because he protects Deepika from the world!


3. He hilariously gave her a surprise gift in front of everyone.


4. He cannot take his eyes off her! This makes him a one-woman man.


5. He decides to be her biggest fan ALWAYS.


6. Since he dares to match his lover’s outfit, he gets brownie points.


7. He is always there to take the best photo with her.


8. Ranveer got down on one knee to make his ladylove smile.


9. He takes the responsibility to brighten up a boring day.


10. He decided to chase his lady with flowers!


11. He respects his lover as well as her parents!

That moment when Ranveer touched Deepika Padukone’s parents’ feet.


12. He teaches us how to turn PDA into the cutest thing on earth.


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