21 Relationship Illustrations That Will Make You Relate To Your Love And Family Life

3:19 pm 14 Jun, 2018


Painting or sketching illustrations based on various themes are common among the artists. While many artists paint love or relationships that resemble the themes of Disney’s cartoons, an illustrator and animator, whose name on Instagram goes by Pokagh, does something different. His works are one of the most honest and daring He creates relationship illustrations that will make you relate to your love and family life.

It seems like each of his works warns: “If you fall in love, you will have to suffer, but you will not change this life for any other.” Take a look but do not be surprised if you find your portrait here.


1. In the early stage when both of you don’t know much about each other


When you know Pizza is bae. 🍕🍨

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2. The peak of romanticism!

All into each other.



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3. Those dark moments

As life, a relationship is full of ups and downs, heartbreaks and reconciliation.


That ego, let i'go. ☺ #whocallsfirst. #notworthit

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4. All over for each other again

Feeling the love and connection in the air again after a brief period of….. you know what I mean.


Breeze 🍁

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5. The day you tell her that I Want You To Be Mine

The day you surprised her.


👨Let Her know how Special She is. #Relationshipgoals 💑💍

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6. And the final day


The Preparation: Bride.

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7. He becomes the KING and she becomes the QUEEN


King and Queen. Tag that #Queen / #King

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8. When all they do during their leisure time is play or tease each other.


Goals. 🙄

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9. Some girls on Valentine’s Day



10. That ‘I miss you’ and ‘miss you too’ phone call


I Miss You Too.

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11. ‘Surely, I will do it for you, darling.’



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12. Those occasions when you are confused whether to say YES or NO when she asks such questions.


It's a Trap! 👽

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13. That moment when her ‘wait a minute’ turns into almost an hour.


That bae. 😕😩

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14. On happy days


When you marry a Make-up artist. 💅💄

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15. Oops, seeing for the first time!


Waiting till HoneyMoon like…#expectations #anticipation

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16. A new generation on its way and the duo discussing various things for the soon-to-be-born child



17. The busy child mummy being teased by the daddy-son duo



18. Sometimes when mummy is not happy and the child knows what’s going on

Why not mummy pity on her child and stop being unhappy right away for the sake of the child?


Ever been consoled by a Baby? #ChildrenAreAngels 👶

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19. No matter what, the family bond is the strongest and will always remain so



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20. Every man needs a woman when his life is a mess

Just like in a game of chess; the QUEEN protects the KING.



21. When parents equally enjoy as well as suffer because of the naughtiness of the children



Did you find yourself in any of the above illustrations?