Get Over These 16 Relationship Hang Ups If You Want Lasting Love

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10:00 am 16 Jan, 2016

Have you been dreaming of true love since the time you learnt to braid your hair or to tie your shoe laces? Is there a certain image of love you carry around with you? If you do, just remember that love should never be scrutinized for what it should be rather than what it is. Do not burst your perfect bubble by having petty hang-ups, which drain a perfect relationship of its charm and warmth.

Please read on, if you are in denial, in true love and eager to make it work.


1. You can’t always read his or her mind and it’s perfectly okay!

Trust him or her or else get ready to become a nagging partner.


2. Not all human actions will be 100% logical. We all have a side which is dominated by emotion and not reason.

 You can rest your grey cells for a change.


3. Even you won’t always think logically. Do trust your gut where logic fails.


4. Knowing each other for years means you’re going to try to manipulate each other every once in a while.

Talk about this if you can, because you are going to do it anyway.


5. Information can empower you, but don’t let this always influence you.

Don’t go down this road, unless you want to feel guilty later.


6. You or him might end up saying things to please each other.

Till the time the motive is positive, it’s okay. No big deal.


7. Even when you meet other men and women, you will need to stick to each other.

This is life after all, not a fun park, where you can jump rides.


8. Rough times are inevitable, and perhaps the biggest test of how strong your love is.

If you guys can’t stand by each other or be sure that it’s going to last, then you’re doomed.


9. Guys, you’re expected to call her “Sexy” and “Pretty” even when she looks gross.

Do it just the same, otherwise she might just have a really bad day. And sometimes this bad day could extend to bad weeks and months as well.


10. There will be days when you will not be able to see eye to eye, and detest the sight of each other.

Love is not a magic potion, you will have your ups and downs. Just stay put!


11. A stage will come when you will be forced to discuss the weather and the neighbors.

That’s life and we are humans. How long can you discuss the stars and the moon? You will have to get practical someday.


12. There will be times when you will assume the worst about a situation, and go into panic mode.

Now that you know this, please avoid it.


13. Since you are so bonded, jealousy is sure to rear its head some days.

But you needn’t worry about a thing. Where there is love and trust, a little jealousy is a must.


14. When you really need to be on high alert, you might just not see the signs.

Learn from your mistakes, and be smarter next time.


15. If you are expecting to be fully truthful with each other, you are only forcing each other to lie in a way.

No relationship in this world can be fully transparent.


16. No matter how hard you try, you will never know your partner completely.

That’s because it is not possible to know somebody completely. Let there be some mystery.


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