You Know You Are Good For Each Other, Then, Why Are You Guys Not In A Relationship?

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11:09 pm 19 Sep, 2016

Are you one of those who lives with the bitterness of the thought – why my love story has no chapter of relationship? what is wrong with me? And, you find no perfect answer that satiates you. Then, this is the right article to ease your muddled thoughts.

You are often left amazed by the power of time as only he has the idea what’s in store for you. With cruelty, he is hiding all the reasons within him while you somehow try to untangle the circumstances.

And till his consent, my friends, never has love found its way.

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For some, falling in a relationship is effortless as falling in love. For some, it is like ignorantly walking in a maze as every new turn gradually brightens, sometimes wanes, the hope of being together.

In the latter case, sometimes, relationships do not see the light because the persons involved do not feel the same for each other.

When I say the word “feel”, I am expressing the intense passion to be with each other unfazed by circumstances and selfishness. It’s a complete no-matter-what situation. Till this fierce realization overshadows everything, a relationship cannot begin.

Yes. You guys share a mutual feeling of care, respect, longing and even an unparallel connect which gets you close but that’s not enough. Because to be together, you need something more emotive and that is desire. 

The desire of being together right now, every day and maybe forever. The desire of faith that no one else can hold your hand with upright loyalty. The desire of promise that we will pick ourselves up whenever we fall apart.

If this desire is not mutual, then love is not really there yet. It’s better to accept this bitter truth than live in a mirage.

A relationship is miles away because one of you, or both, are not mentally and emotionally ready for it.

Are you prepared for it right now?

Ask yourself this without even the faintest thought of your loved one.

If the answer is even a slight “No”, then, why take the humongous pressure to be involved? Why get caught up in IF-I-DO-THIS-OR-THAT-THINGS-MIGHT-WORK-OUT phase? Such thoughts don’t originate from the space of love, they come from the space of self-pity.

Is love all about finding faults in ourselves? Or embracing ourselves?

The answer “No” is a blessing in disguise. It gives you time to think and understand each other more privately. It manifests that why not try and wait till both reach the same maturity level and then, amiably agree to be together or not.

If the answer is “Yes” (assuming that the person you like is not ready), it’s goddamn aching.

In such situations, the best solution is to be detached. It’s a tricky one but practical.

Don’t get detach from the notion that you like him/her. That’s something pure and natural. Get detached from the fantastical thought – “It will happen”. Because the assumed realization of  “It will happen” will force a lot of expectations on him/her which obviously he/she might not live up to. Next moment, you are into the valley of depression.

It’s better to stop making your decisions keeping him/her as a fixed source because the other person is SO NOT thinking about you while he/she decides his/her life. Why circle our ambitions, dreams around someone who is not ready for you yet?

It’s like losing your freedom in the hands of uncertain future. Being attached to someone when you are not in a relationship kills. And it kills big time.

Because if it doesn’t happen, you will gain nothing at the cost losing time.

So, why not gracefully accept that it is not meant to happen at this point of time?

At least, it bestows clarity of mind and tells you where do you really stand. For some time, it would be distressing. But when freedom of choices will open its wings, things will seem just right. The things may not seem perfectly synchronized but yes, things will change. So, why not enjoy the journey till the finish?

Yes, at the end, you guys might not end up together. It would be disappointing and be prepared for it. I know, you will deal with it!

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