An American Thought [email protected]#&od Is An Indian Dish, Redditors Couldn’t Stop Trolling

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Updated on 5 Sep, 2017 at 4:29 pm

Reddit, being a popular platform for sharing and discussing stuff, can get you a lot of hilarious information from different corners of the world.

Recently, a user posted an exceptionally funny photograph along with a caption and Redditors couldn’t stop trolling it. Here is the post:

Indian: Do you know what is “Madarchod”?

American: Yes, it’s a dish with enticing flavours of India and costs $23.



India goes hand in hand with its slangs and creative abuses. Madarchod is one them but poor foreigners aren’t aware of it. I have no idea which hotel in this country has kept [email protected]#&od as a dish in its menu.



The uniqueness of this post gathered a lot of attention and creative minds couldn’t stop posting hilarious comments.


The name is based on what the Indian said after tasting it…



You need sides along?






This person would have been traumatized after knowing its literal meaning.



Talking like a true Indian!



Hahahahh… absolutely!



Lmao… Salad sir?03


The next time your friend gets a slap from his date, you will be knowing that…



Always ask for coffee and stay safe!