Reddit Exposes Homophobic, Anti-Feminist YouTube Channel Which Also Exploits Indian Kids

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4:29 pm 14 Jul, 2015

No one in India is perhaps aware of YouTube channel PenorCut, but they’ll soon be if the simmering rage on Reddit comes to the fore. PenorCut is using gullible Indian children to read out highly offensive text.

A Reddit user with the handle do_usernames_matter brought the issue to the notice of the online community. It has since sparked a debate, which ranges from anger at the insensitivity of the videos to the question of using children as labour.


Child Labour

Some were angry because “White Guys” were exploiting poor African and Asian kids.

White Guy

Some demanded that the matter should be brought to the notice of the HRD ministry.


But the most significant concern that has been raised is why such videos are going viral and what purpose they serve.

This video is part of the unique but inexplicable business model of People offer their services on this online marketplace for a very small fee.

It is mostly used by those who want to get their messages read out by an unknown someone – Indian, African, etc. – in their preferred way. Those who offer services could be very weird.


It is evident that PenorCut used Indian children, who probably do not even know what “faggot” means to read out deplorable messages such as these:

A homophobic jibe.


Not Gay

Another homophobic remark.



A highly deplorable anti-Semitic comment.



And anti-feminist offensive remarks.




You will find all their videos in here. Below is a sample.


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