Red FM Adds Dragonfly Sound To Its Music To Get Rid Of Mosquitos

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2:07 pm 11 Aug, 2015

Red FM has rolled out a very interesting concept to fight off an indigenous problem of the Indian environment – mosquitoes. It’s the time of the year when FM and television channels are flooded with advertisements in public interest. Malaria, dengue and chikunguniya are a menace to the health of thousands in Delhi. To combat it, Red FM has unveiled an innovative method to keep mosquitoes at bay.

Red FM is mixing a particular sound with its music, which apparently resembles a dragonfly at a frequency range of 14kHz-20KHz. The dragonfly is a predator of mosquitoes, and is said to curb the breeding of mosquitoes. 

On his show, DL935, RJ Ashish explains how this out-of-the-box idea came up:

“Once I was talking about the menace of mosquitoes on my show. During the show, I was contacted by an aspiring scientist Debojoti Shekhar Basu who said that the sounds transmitted at 14KhZ becomes unbearable for mosquitoes and when the listeners tune into the frequency, the radio station becomes a mosquito repellent station.”



Red FM is also on an awareness drive along with the Delhi MCD to propagate the message of healthy living through clean surroundings. They’ve asked the readers to send their selfies of locations vulnerable to mosquito breeding. These pictures can be sent on their WhatsApp number – 7531935935 – and eventually it will be shared with the Mayor of MCD who will execute these drives.  

“There are a lot of research papers that said this kind of an activity was possible, nevertheless, it was never done before. So, before promoting it extensively, we wanted to make sure that the concept works,” said Red FM national programming head Anand Raj.



As bizarre as this initiative may sound, the response to the campaign has been quite positive. In fact, RJ Aashish calls it ‘phenomenal’. The impact of the campaign will be revealed only with time. Nevertheless, kudos to Red FM for their fresh and unconventional initiative to combat the menace of mosquitoes.


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