It’s Shocking How Much Water RO Purifiers Waste. Here’s How You Can Save Water

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Updated on 13 Apr, 2016 at 1:25 pm


 75% of the water that we fill into an RO purifier goes to waste, we get only 25% usable water.

3 litres of water is rejected by an RO purifier to give you 1 litre drinking water. We live in a country where many places are battling droughts. So much wasted water surely affects water supply adversely.


Can we reuse this waste water?

A lot of people ask this question on the internet, and the answer is ‘yes’. We don’t use purified water for anything besides drinking and cooking. Waste water from purifiers has nothing poisonous in it and can be reused. So here are some ways in which you can effortless reuse that water:

It can be used to water plants.


Clothes can be washed with that water.

You can connect the pipe that flushes out waste water with your washing machine and use it to wash clothes.



Cleaning utensils is another way to use it.

Waste water flushing pipe can be connected to your kitchen’s tap. It can be used for washing hands and utensils.


Cleaning generally requires a lot of water. It’s better to use waste water for it.

Waste water is safe and can be used to clean your house, as well.


People are adopting these methods to save water. We have a responsibility towards our planet and its resources. Saving water is a necessity. Adopt these methods and share it with others to save water.