This New Method Of Recycling Plastic Bottles By Indian Railways Is Nothing But Praiseworthy

10:41 am 29 Mar, 2018


With the advent of industrial development in the country, it has become the need of the hour to protect the environment. Plastics pollution in the country is severely damaging the nature and the best way to prevent it is to recycle, reuse and reduce. The process of recycling helps to control the excessive use of plastic and it ensures that environment is free from its harmful chemical ingredients.



In order to do their share towards environmental protection, Jodhpur railway station has been equipped with a plastic recycling machine.


With the aim to save the environment and reduce the use of plastic bottles in the country, the machine has been installed at the railway station so that the people can contribute their bit towards nature.


The plastic recycling machine was installed on 23 March 2018 and is functioning successfully to its desired use. After the plastic bottle is put into the machine, the plastic is crushed into fine pieces and later that crushed pieces are reused for making other plastic items.



While the machine recycles the plastic bottles, there comes out a special surprise for the person who has put the bottle in the machine. In order to involve as many people as possible to the cause, the machine has been furnished with a special feature.

Whenever a person will put an empty plastic bottle in the machine, they will receive a promo card of Rs. 10 from it. They can use the promo card on FreeCharge mobile application for mobile recharges and other bill payments. One mobile number can use this feature for maximum of 3 times.

The machine has been placed at the front gate of the railway station to catch as many eyes as possible. The machine was inaugurated by Divisional Railway Manager Gautam Arora in the presence of senior mechanical engineer Manish Rajvanshi and Jodhpur railway station Director Narayanlal.




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