14 Reasons Why You Should Rebond With The Friends Who Are Not In Touch With You Anymore

10:00 am 3 Jun, 2015

There are some friends with whom even if you don’t talk for months or days you still share the same bond. No matter what hardships your friendships has gone through, at the end of the day you still were friends and friendship is something that just cannot be easily forgotten and as time heals everything you do become best buddies again. So rebonding with those friends who due to certain circumstances are not in touch with you anymore is never a bad idea and here are 14 reasons why should definitely do so.

1. Life is too short for enmity.

You might have had a fight with your friend that led to a gap in your friendship but come on life is actually too short for enmity. The feeling of forgiving your friend and getting together again is just priceless.


2. Childhood friends.

We might not be in touch with many of our childhood friends as we got busy with our own lives and changed schools and colleges. And the challenge is to recognize them as obviously you guys don’t look the same anymore and is definitely fun too.


3. So much to talk about.

Since you haven’t met him/her for such a long time you guys have so much to share with each other that you might just end up talking for hours without realizing. It’s always fun to talk to someone and what better than your friend with whom you haven’t spoken since a long time!


4. A new beginning.

It’s always better to have a new start to your friendship if you have had bad past experiences with your friend. Rebond and start a new chapter of friendship together.


5. Sought it out.

It’s better to clear out any misunderstandings if any, that led to a gap in your friendship.


6. Remember when…

Since you haven’t been in touch with your long lost friend and when you meet them you have your own stories that you enjoyed and experienced together once upon a time. Rebonding simply helps you relive those amazing days of your life.


7. Many more reunions.

When you meet your long lost friends and start talking about those days, you recollect many other friends too with whom you aren’t in contact anymore and eventually try and rebond with them too.


8. Every person is unique and every person teaches you something different.

Don’t miss on anyone.


9. There is only one life.

Call over your old friends, relish the memories and cherish the bond!


10. Thinking too much is not good for health and always ends you up in other worries.

You are going to live only once anyway so why think so much?


11. It will encourage a healthy conversation between you and him/her, which was lost years back.


12. This will also encourage other friends to take this step forward.

Remember if you take the first step it means the relationships matters to you more.


13. Fresh rebonds, fresh memories. Growing up in the new way!


14. Forgive and forget.



This funda always works and gets you more peace of course.



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