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13 Reasons Why You Should Stay Alone Once In Your Life

Published on 10 March, 2016 at 10:00 am By

All of us like to believe we are independent, strong people, capable of taking care of ourselves and others. If not now, in the future when we will become such capable individuals, maybe like our parents and other adults we look at. In certain ways, yes, life will force you to become capable adults. But, have you ever paused to reflect that most adults, most of us even, will go through life without EVER staying alone?


We might stay without family, in a different city, but we never truly live by ourselves. We stay with extended family, cousins, roommates, in a hostel.

Staying alone has a lot of benefits. And it is an experience to be had at least once in life. Because…

1. For the first time, you’ll have real personal space

Yes, you can close the door to your room and that is your personal space. But having a whole house to yourself is a massively different ball game!

Staying alone

And what I see is all mine! seafever


2. You are responsible for it

Responsibility is more awesome than you think. And you will know that when you stay by yourself. You will surprise yourself by how clean you actually stay!

Staying alone

But don’t leave those webbings hanging around please! comicvine


3. You will crib less


When the sabji is not exactly perfect, when the bed is not entirely soft, when the kitchen is not entirely clean, you will learn to crib less because you know the cost of making things perfect instead of just expecting them to be.

Staying alone

How could you get me the wrong mug of coffee? theweeklings


4. You don’t wait for something to happen

You no longer wait for mom to give you a glass of water or for dad to fix the internet. When you want something and if you face a problem, you get up, go out and get it done!

Staying alone

For Spartaaaaa! mememaker


5. You learn to shop

If you think you are good at bargains, you are going to achieve a few more levels in it. Not only will you get good at bargains, you will learn what is perishable, what is not, and when to buy what.

Staying alone

I will buy everything! thenoobdad


6. You learn what you really need

That big bag of cereal? Maybe you don’t need it after all. That extra shade of lipstick, the new conditioner, the latest mobile out there, the extra dessert? You will know what you want, what you really want, what you need and what you won’t mind giving up. And that is real power.


7. You learn to face your fears

Talk about power. Afraid of cockroaches, spiders, lizards? Well, call the watchman. We were kidding. Fears have no solution.

Staying alone

Darr kea age jeet hai isliye mujhe jeet nahi chahiye. mysanantonio


8. You will understand money

Yes, you will. Number one, you will start earning. Number two, because you have understood what you need and want, you will start saving accordingly. You might also get motivated to earn more than you do!

Staying alone

Kya paisa paisa karti hai? julieverse


9. You will understand time

You will start noticing the passage of time. Not just minutes or hours, but weeks and months. When you have to pay for your own upkeep, when you have to do your chores, you start paying for existing, in time, money and work. And then you become grateful for things.

Staying alone

Time likes to walk on Wednesday afternoon and run on Sunday afternoon. itimes


10. It’ll be cleaner than with a roommate

And honestly, it is way cleaner than living with a stranger. At least your kind of clean. You know the hair floating around the house is yours, and the smell from the kitchen is from what you ate.


11. Real freedom

Really, this is your own place. You own it! Play the music you like, when you like it. Watch movies, cook what you want, arrange the house as you want, dance naked in front of the mirror, put the fan on whatever speed! Enjoy man!


12. Place for dates and parties

You no longer have to worry about where to go for your dates and parties! You can plan them right in the house!

Staying alone

But no non veg on Thursdays, please! topyaps


13. You will know yourself

Most importantly, you will know yourself, possibly for the first time. All your ideas about who you think you are will go right out of the window. And what will stay with you will be the true you forever.


Have you lived by yourself ever? How was your experience like?



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