8 Reasons Why You Should Date a Guy Who Drinks Old Monk

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Updated on 30 Jul, 2018 at 7:11 pm


Girls, date a man who drinks old monk.

Date a man who is a saint at heart and can handle himself well when he is drunk. And that’s not everything about him. There’s a whole lot more to this man the people around him call ‘gem of a person.’

1. He has a taste in all things good; damned be the superficialities.

Are you someone who hates trying to be something you are not? If so, the guy who drinks old monk may just be the One for you.

He likes real things. And he keeps genuine people in his company.


Special Guys Prefer Old Monk Rum


This dude likes, loves and is committed to Old Monk and savors every drop of it.   He will also admire and adore a woman of class.

2. If he likes you, no damsel in the world can take your place.

Well, he can see through surrogate advertising.

That’s precisely the reason why he drinks Old Monk no matter how hard other brands try to change his mind.

Take this, for example.


Old Monk is Drink for Strong Guyz


The guy who drinks Old Monk doesn’t give a shit about this.

He is in love with Old Monk and this love is eternal.

3. He is a monk at heart.

In ancient Hindu scriptures, it was called Soma – the Nectar of the Gods. By now you know well what it is called nowadays.

This is him personified. Sweet, charming, unique, classy and divine.


Old Monk Bottle Packaging is Best


This rum is matured for a minimum of 7 years in distilleries as scenic as monasteries.

Did you get the message?

The guy who wants to sip on Old Monk is indeed a monk at heart.

4. High standard, low maintenance.

And yet he knows how to make his evenings full of warmth and love.

He drinks Old Monk because he totally admires the elixir and not because it’s cheap.

But the plus point is that he is not going to spend more than few hundred bucks a week on drinks. That been said, he will drink Old Monk and spend time with you no matter what or who else is there as an alternative.

You just have to believe in him.

Next time some other girl tries hitting on him, the way some of his friends try persuading him to drink Teachers, Chivas Regal or Jack Daniels, his reaction is the same.

Well, almost.


Old Monk Guys Dont Give Shit



He wants his girl and he wants his Old Monk. Simple as that.

5. He adjusts to all tastes, just as his Old Monk does.

Don’t worry about him having to adjust to your friends circle.

He does not judge. And he also does not change himself to please others. He just believes in making those around him feel at ease.

Your friends, family members and even people at work will all just start liking him the moment they meet him.

You know, his favorite drink, Old Monk too is earnestly willing to Evolve to tickle your, and your friends’ taste buds.


date a guy who drink old monk


Whether your friends are auto drivers or CEOs at MNCs, he is going to treat them all the same.

6. Bad days, common cold or a bad premonition; he knows how to comfort himself.

He knows how to deal with common cold, a bad vibe and those frequent bad days at work.

He will just have a glass of Old Monk rum, ring you up and transmute his heavy head into a soothingly calm sphere of divine energy emanating the good aura. He knows that he has got a lot to be grateful for in his life. That includes the girl he is not ashamed of running to for love, care and at times, the bittersweet scolds.


Old Monk


He is crazy about his girl just as much as his pet rum. To him, both imply true happiness.

7. With age, he will just become a better person.

Date him and you will fall in love with him. There is hardly any chance that you wouldn’t.

And don’t worry, just like his favorite Old Monk, he will just become a better man with age.


old monk kiss


8. He knows you belong to him.

Don’t worry about the lame guys you hung out with in past. None of them is going to ever come knocking at the doorstep of your heart again.

Once you two are into each other, the grand scheme of the Universe will unfold in a manner that you will just be truly, madly and deeply in love with each other.

That’s what Old Monk does to people.


Old Monk Rum in Bar


Old Monk is one of the greatest inventions of our times. This dude we dedicated the post to is a flag bearer of a cult that only appeals to the finest of men.

He is Old School. Just like his drink. Not for him the half-man-half-boy fads of gelled hair, ear studs, or nouveau-rich suits, he doesn’t have to over-compensate a lack of personality with accessories. This man knows himself and is okay with it. Just like Old Monk, this man means peace.

Don’t miss your chance to date this man of class.

Go live the fruity, warm and insanely beautiful life you deserve.

Date a guy who drinks Old Monk.