20 Reasons Why We Like Street Food Despite All The Health Concerns

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10:00 am 26 Jun, 2015

Have you ever gobbled down 15 golgappas at one go? If you have, then join me in the street food lovers group. This post is a tribute to all the street food vendors and people like us who crave that food. If you are that ‘one in a million’ person who hasn’t yet tried street food, then my message to you is “Go back to Mars”!

1. It is cheap


2. You get to see the chef face-to-face and compliment him too.


3. The food is prepared in front of you.


4. It is one of the best options for you to have food outdoors.


5. You can ask it to be made as best suits your taste buds.


6. You can take a day off, if your stomach gets upset as a result.


7. You can upfront ask for ‘this’ and ‘that’ to be added in your food.


8. Where else can you find the devouring tangy taste.


9. It’s fun to stand and eat and gossip at the same time.


10. The street food vendors do innovative things with their food offerings.


11. It defines the culture precisely.


12. The excitement you feel when eating spicy food is not the same elsewhere.


13. Imagine making golgappas for yourself, how boring!


14. Mind it, there is a whole lot of variety in the street foods.


15. You get to enjoy the weather as well as the food.


16. You can, without any shame, ask for a second helping.


17. The fun simply dies if you eat street food in an AC restaurant.


18. Not only does your stomach get full but also your soul.


19. It is a good option to give a treat to your friends.


20. Lastly, because we are Indians, and we simply can’t do without street food.


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