6 Reasons Why India Is The Best Country In The World To Live In

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9:30 am 27 Jun, 2018


East or west, India is the best! But where is the proof? Read on.

In the present context, India is one of the best countries in the world to be in for thousands of reasons which includes the adorable and protective family culture, a truly functioning democracy, a healthy tolerant outlook of people towards other religions and a fast developing economy. Though the reasons why India is one of the best places to be in can go on, here are but 6 data backed reasons why you should feel lucky to be living in India.


1. The never-ending list of delicious cuisines

Due to its enormous cultural diversity, India has one of the richest varieties of cuisines in the world. Every state and every region in a state has its own signature dishes and it doesn’t matter if you are vegetarian or non-vegetarian as there are almost infinite choices for both kinds of people when it comes to food and neither vegetarians nor non-vegetarians can win an argument of which type of food tastes better. Yes, there are Indian restaurants in almost every other major country, but none can taste exactly like the cuisines prepared in India. According to CNN, India is the 6th best country for food, but most possibly they haven’t explored much of India.

2. A true haven for tourism


Except for auroras and icebergs, India has everything that nature has to offer right from the hot desert to cold desert, coastlines to snow-capped mountains and due to this huge range of topography and climate, it is one of the richest places on the face of the earth for floras and faunas. It also happens to be a fantastic place with architectural marvels that doesn’t start and end only with Taj Mahal. According to 2017’s US News and World Report, India was ranked 6th best country in the world in terms of heritage.

3. A very low cost of living

Surviving in India is dirt cheap unless you are planning to dine out at fancy restaurants and shop at luxurious places. A lot of people don’t appreciate the fact but India the best place to live in if you are poor. According to a report by the Independent.co.uk, due to its large domestic market, developing economy and cheap labour, India is one of the cheapest countries in the world to live. But of course, the cost of living is not uniform throughout the country and differs from place to place and especially in the real estate sector, it can be quite expensive.

4. Affordable education

Indian education system might have its mighty quality flaws, but when it comes to affordability, it is the cheapest place globally to study according to The World University Rankings 2015-16, which includes both tuition fees and living expenses. Even the cost of studying in the best of the educational institutes in India is very low as compared to other countries. According to the study, the average annual cost of university study in India is around Rs. 3.25 lakh, while for the same in Australia, it costs around Rs. 20.43 lakh.

5. Cheap but quality healthcare facilities

In developed countries, the cost of healthcare is so high that poverty just appears to be a mishap away and this is a reason why many foreigners are now opting to receive medications in India because of it being a hub of world-class specialists and technologies as well as being dirt cheap compared to western countries. India can easily be in the top three destinations where one can avail world-class medical care at a hugely discounted price due to low doctor-patient ratio and cheap infrastructure. To give a better understanding, a heart bypass surgery costs in India around Rs. 4 lakh while the same surgery in the US costs around Rs. 1 crore.

6. Huge investment opportunities

Due to its high growth rate and large market, India is right now one of the best countries around the world to invest in and many people from other countries want to or are investing already in the Indian market. Ironically, while outsiders are more than eager to invest in the Indian stock markets, according to Sebi Investor Survey 2017, only about 1% of Indians invest in stocks comparing to America where about half of the population own stocks. Indian economy is booming and it is the best country from the perspective of investors right now in the world.