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10 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Travel

Updated on 20 April, 2016 at 7:43 pm By

Ever stumbled upon the countless social media profiles of entrepreneurs from around the world who continue to post updates and status about world travel and networking? Have you ever found yourself wondering why so many successful people bother to take out time from their heavily packed schedules just to travel, meet new people and connect to the bigger world? There is a straight logic that connects these dots together, and it is that traveling puts forward a series of challenges and opportunities for any person who is willing to learn and grow. And for those who have the soul to explore, traveling is not just a hobby; it becomes a way of exploring life.  Travelers often share similar characteristics that are needed to survive through the journey like emotional maturity, ability to adapt to situations and be open to change with those who innovate. Not too surprising in that case, that so many research studies indicate a strong relationship between traveling and the ability to create. Here are ten ways in which traveling establishes connections with entrepreneurs:

1. Communication strength:


Perhaps a buzzword that all travelers identify with and the single most important trait to develop and cultivate. From landing in a country that doesn’t speak your language to working abroad at a differently challenged orphanage as a volunteer, your people connection skills are all that matters for a successful life in all ventures. Communication makes up for a very large part of all our lives and it is one of the most important abilities of anyone who belongs to the field of business as well. Be it marketing, public relations or even internal environment building, a strong inter-personal communication skill goes a long way in defining how far a business strategy would grow.


2. Developing adaptability:

Even scientist Charles Darwin seemed to agree when he famously said that survival of any specie depends on its ability to adapt through the changing circumstances. Traveling isn’t always the easiest thing to do considering that we all start off a journey by knowing very little about the character of the people and places we’d visit, even though there are so many guide books out there claiming to give a window into the destinations. So once we travel we learn to develop an acute sense of change which is always constant; if our bookings will work and if the weather will be kind enough for us to take that ferry boat. Similarly, even in business, entrepreneurs deal with an ever changing world context. They are always trying to keep up with the pace of progress to keep their product or service at par with the competition in the market. It’s not easy, but it’s not impossible either. And all successful entrepreneurs share this common trait all too well.


3. Creative lifestyle:

Since business is not always on the upward slope of profit graph, all entrepreneurs know this well that an active, flexible and creative lifestyle is the way of the future. One has to constantly find different ways of solving problems and boost internal creativity to work in a limited amount of resources over a certain period of time. And traveling benefits entrepreneurs in this regard, when it offers unique experiences to grow and learn what the world has to teach. When people start traveling it brings down the walls of identity and help the person identify with more than one nationality, or even with other groups who demonstrate a sense of worldly knowledge to solve the problems.


4. Innovation:


We all know too well how the human existence errors. Whether you suddenly find yourself in the middle of Amsterdam with only a $10 in your pocket or are trying to manage your company’s internal funds to cut down on unnecessary expenses, innovation is always the need of the hour. Traveling teaches people the importance of not just being economical but also of being smart with resources. And entrepreneurs know all too well what the importance of being smart could mean for any organization trying to take off the career points.


5. Sense of the world as a community:

Let’s agree. Traveling is a serious business. It’s demanding, and often not best fit for people who do not have a will power to change themselves. When we visit foreign lands and especially those far away from our own cultures, we step up for a whole new game of change in identity. While we have to remember who we are, at the same time we also have to open our hearts to the new people and the influence their cultural traditions bring in our lives. It simply means that our thought processes evolve as well, we start thinking from perspectives that weren’t possible to imagine before and this opens up our sense of experiencing the world. So when we travel abroad and resolve issues and conflicts that do not always originate inside our comfort zone, it is a reminder to ourselves that we are now more sophisticated in our thoughts than we were before. How it helps entrepreneurs? Imagine running a company where your employees don’t always belong to the same race or ethnicity as you do.

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6. Commitment to a better life:

For entrepreneurs and travelers, the issue of what constitutes “wealth” is a peculiar one. Both like to pick up on life learning experiences and both like to invest in things that create new dimensions for the journey. They also enjoy creating and climbing the next ladder. In a way traveling does make people think beyond the routine and makes them question about their life and decisions. It challenges and change people.


7. Leadership beyond management:

We sometimes have to travel around or with people. And as easy as it sounds, it’s not always easy to deal with people in bigger groups. As everyone has different wishes it becomes difficult to manage to fulfill each one’s desire and often calls for us to make fast and tough decisions. This develops an ability to become a fine leader, someone who knows how to turn the table on important decisions without compromising the needs of people who are in the dialogue.


8. Cultural Sensitization:

This one issue is often much underestimated but plays a very big part in the lives of those who travel. When people actively seek to understand and develop relationships based on new cultures and traditions, it automatically brings them into an enlightened mode. Learning about how people are doing things differently in other cultures highlights the shortcomings and advantages of one’s own culture. Smart entrepreneurs learn from it.


9. Cultivating the sixth sense:

Entrepreneurs practically do what all other travelers do as well and that is taking risks. To trust people, to trust services that a particular place may provide, to trust the bureaucratic system and to simply to even trust one’s own instincts sometimes. Traveling provides the kind of atmosphere where your senses awaken and stay alert in order to avoid getting into difficult circumstances. It develops a sense of sixth sense that remains a valuable asset for life.


10. Last but never the least, evolution:

Traveling doesn’t just change entrepreneurs, it also encourages all young and old alike to develop as a much stronger, more resilient, worldly human beings.




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