Forget Everything, These Are The Reasons Why You Must Try Vanilla S*x Right Away!

Updated on 5 Nov, 2018 at 5:58 pm

Ever since I was a child, I used to feel why do our lips hesitate when we spell sex? I mean, it’s the thing which has kept ‘humanity’ going right? The world of sex is full of curiosity. From mind-boggling props to different levels of fetishes; many of us must have had our share of theoretical and practical experiences. This modern world has a lot of kink and sass to offer when it comes to sex. Like a hell lot, but while there are people who are busy making their sexual lives more dynamic, there are also people who like to stick to the conventional method too. And by the conventional method, I mean vanilla sex.

Don’t be scared, vanilla sex is not about using vanilla flavoured props and condoms or anything of that nature. It is something which has a deeper meaning. Sex so slow, so deep, it’s gonna give you goosebumps!



So, if you are someone who loves having sex and you are tired of all the kink and sass, then trust me, vanilla sex is going to ignite you from within.

As a treat, take a look at these obvious reasons why you should opt for the same:


Good for those who love emotional sex!



There’s more to sex than just physical connection. Sometimes it’s about stirring a tornado inside that little heart of yours. And boy, if you are someone who prefers the emotional connection and likes to take it easy, then vanilla sex is just the thing for you! Slowly but surely, it’ll take you there.


It gives you time to bond with your partner!



There’s no greater pleasure than bonding with your partner while having sex. And if you think that you want to understand your partner better, than you can try it for sure.


It amplifies the pleasure!



Vanilla sex is just like an incense stick, once you light it, it leaves you with a pleasant aroma; of course slowly. Think about it, instead of getting the job done quickly, you’ll have the time to just live the moment, with some patience.


Perfect for beginners!




For someone who is having sex for the first time, vanilla sex can be a bliss. First and foremost, you won’t be allowed to prove yourself (which sums it all) and secondly, you will have the best memory of your life, like literally the best.


It has that take it easy kind of vibe!



LikeI said earlier, it has this “oh please, you don’t need to do that” kind of vibe. It is quite easy to perform. You are in control of the things which makes you feel at ease.


It saves you money!



It does! A lot of people waste their money in buying irrelevant sex toys, BDSM stuff etc. but guess what, vanilla sex saves you money. ‘Cause there’s no fetish or kink in it.

It’s like rekindling with the old soul within you. Can you imagine? In the world where sex is anything but simple, why do you want to go with the flow and make it kinky; when you can stay simple and make it classy?