15 Reasons Why We Need To Thank Coffee And Cigarettes

Updated on 7 Sep, 2017 at 2:38 pm

If you are a coffee and cigarette lover, here’s something for you. The combination of coffee and cigarette is all one needs to get into oblivion and just enjoy the moment. So here are 15 reasons why we need to thank coffee and cigarettes.

1. The combination of coffee and cigarettes is smoking fun!

2. It’s the best way that keeps you awake for hours together.

3. The coffee aroma and the smoke combination is simply alluring.

4. You just wouldn’t get tired of this combination, no matter how much you have had for the day!

5. It’s an energy booster for your creative mind.

6. There’s a flavor for every taste!

7. Friends + coffee + cigarettes is all you need to make your day!

8. This combination is an instant relief from stress and worries.

9. This combination decreases anxiety levels and makes us calm.

10. It relaxes your mind.

11. They help us to focus by keeping our minds less distracted.

12. They can act as a savior from Parkinson’s disease.

13. This combination can make you feel happier and light.

14. These two can actually burn fat.

15. The perfect solution for headaches.