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16 Reasons Why You Should Hire People Who Travel

Published on 15 January, 2016 at 10:00 am By

What is the most common factor for hiring employees? Most employers will look at the qualification and experience. But you’ll agree that creativity is something totally different and cannot be described or justified by one’s education and degrees.


For this reason, travelers could well be ideal employees. They come with a baggage of world experiences.


1. Travelers walk around with curious eyes and never fail to make new discoveries.

Something new and challenging always excites them. So the next time your managers with a complete corporate bent-of-mind have a hard time defining a new work process for achieving a creative output, a candidate who has been on the road less traveled can come really handy!


2. They embrace change and adjust well, no matter what the circumstances.

Bring on any change and know that they will adjust to it quickly. Night shifts on a short notice, arranging meetings, coordinating with people or anything else – the people who like to hit the road as soon as they have some spare time, have literally no trouble whatsoever adjusting to anything new. On the contrary, they seem to like anything new and challenging!


3. They are experts at resource management, be it time, money or anything else.


Give them what you have, and it’ll always be enough for them to create something from it. Travelers are usually pretty good at managing the most fundamental resources – men, material and machines.


4. They’ve left behind their comfort zone a long time ago.

Don’t worry about putting them out of their comfort zone. If you don’t, they just might ask for it. Give them challenges every quarter and see them grow.


5. They value companionship and make great team players.

Travelers often create groups on the go and don’t mind sharing a productive journey with other people. No wonder they make great team players. With some people at the workplace who have been to different places and have met various people, you can be pretty sure that the office politics sure is going to be less of a problem.


6. They’re never indecisive.

Frequent travelers are good at prioritizing and measuring pros and cons. These are the same skills that we also need at the workplace.


7. They are good at solving problems.

They’ve witnessed many adversities on the road, and always overcome them. Isn’t this the most sought after attribute in potential employees?


8. Travelers are physically fit and more alert than your average employee.

I am sure you want an employee who doesn’t get sick often.


9. Just as they like traveling to new destinations, in professional life too they seek new, innovative ways of doing things.


10. They are not egotistical and ask for help if needed.

Whether it is about asking any address, direction, or anything else, a traveler will never hesitate to ask for help. Slowly, they influence everyone around them in an office to be an easy-going person like them.


11. They strive for challenges and are never afraid of uncertainties.

The more challenging a job, the more fun it will be for a traveler.


12. Negotiation skills – an extra talent they have acquired over a period of time.

Frequent travelers know how to deal with people of different cultures and have on several occasions negotiated as they travel through unknown territories.


13. They always know more languages than a regular employee.

If your office work involves traveling and dealing with geographically different people, a traveler is perhaps the ideal candidate for the vacancy. Such people are also able to get along with just about anyone. They have moved past regional stereotypes already.


14. They are highly patient people with exceptional communication skills.

They just know how to pursue the most difficult people. As juniors, they are keen to follow their bosses and as leaders, they are pretty good at creating the much needed comradeship among their team members.


15. They are pragmatic and at the same time very optimistic.

Expect them to be spreading good vibes in office all day long.


16. They won’t agree to a job they can’t relate to, but once they say ‘Yes’, be assured of 100% deliverance!

Travelers know there’s a thin line between giving up and continuing. If they’ve said ‘Yes’ to work with you, they’ll stand by your side through thick and thin.


Have you ever hired or worked with a traveler before? What were your experiences? Tell us.




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