10 Reasons To Have A Herb Garden (Even If You Don’t Do Gardening Much)

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12:00 pm 30 Sep, 2015

With people getting conscious of what they are eating, they prefer to opt for food items that are natural. And the best way to ensure that is, growing it in your own kitchen garden. If you are one of those fond of gardening, you need no reason to plant a few herbs in your garden. But if you don’t garden much and rely on buying stuff over the counter, this post will tell you why you should or must atleast have a herb garden. I am sure, within no time your herb garden will get transformed into a full-fledged kitchen garden.

1. Herbs are readily available at your doorstep.

You don’t have to go market hoping to find the herbs as they are growing right outside your door.

2. You might not find the herb you want elsewhere.

The shopkeeper might not have the herb you are looking for and you may find yourself searching here and there.

3. Adds flavor to your food.

With herbs you make your food more delicious and relish every bite of it.

4. You spend too much purchasing herbs.

Generally herbs might not be available at your regular grocery store and the only place that may have it, might sell it at an unreasonable rate. Having your own herb garden will need some initial investment, but it will be worth all the money.


5. A green display at your home.

Won’t it look amazing to have your garden filled with even more greenery, something that you can boast of?

6. Make your kids learn to appreciate nature.

It is a great way to connect kids with nature. What great feeling it must be when your kids share their knowledge of herbs, isn’t it?

7. You can find peace in the company of your herbs.

The green surrounding is sure to calm you down and rejuvenate your mind and soul.

8. Share them with friends and family.

You become more popular amongst your family and friends with herbs readily available at your house. You can ignore unwanted requests to have your herbs!

9. You can be assured that it is natural.

Coming from your own garden you can be relieved that it is fresh and natural.

10. It is rich in nutrients.

You are surely having healthy food with herbs added.


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