13 Reasons Why Being Vegan Is Awesome

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12:39 pm 26 Apr, 2016


There are a lot of people amongst us who, thanks to societal and  environmental awareness, have turned to veganism owing to its health benefits for us and for this planet. If you happen to be someone who isn’t vegan and has no clue what happens when you turn vegan, here are some clues on what a vegan lifestyle entails:

1. Newborn calves don’t have to die any more.

Many dairies slaughter the baby calves as soon as they are born because they don’t provide milk and add no value to the farm sales.


2. Old cows don’t have to die early either.


Many cows are put to death as soon as their milk production reduces due to old age.


3. Sometimes the little male baby chicks die too.

Because they won’t grow old and lay eggs, they are killed when they are born.


4. Every time you eat something vegan – you are choosing to spare some poor animal’s life.


5. You are in support – not only do you not kill but you also stand up for something.


6. Another awesome reason – because being vegan is just the trend these days.


7. It’s for everyone – doesn’t matter what age, race or religion you come from!


8. Good for health – because a plant based diet is healthier and fresher!


9. You realize that you don’t have to kill animals to lead a better life.


10. And you certainly don’t need to wear animal skin to look good.


11. Vegan alternatives — so you won’t have to feel like you’re making a huge leap.


12. You start contributing to an ecologically responsible life – think about the carbon footprints you reduce.


13. Simply, you will be a better, kinder human being.



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