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Craziest Reasons For Break-up That Will Make Yours Seem Sane

Published on 30 September, 2018 at 10:01 am By

Have you ever broken up with someone over a silly reason? The reasons to break up can range from weird and silly, to funny and crazy. So if you’re feeling guilty about yours, well, don’t worry, because, there are others like you, or actually even worse than you. From mom not liking the partner to someone not liking a particular sport, the reasons to break up, at least for some people are simply hard to fathom, and will suddenly make yours seem sane and acceptable. Find that hard to believe? In this story, we’ll have a look at some of the funniest and craziest reasons to break up with someone.


It will be kind of hard to believe that such break-up reasons could have actually been deal breakers for a relationship that might or could have lasted. The quote ‘Everything is fair in love and war’ may suddenly start to make a completely new sense and maybe you’ll feel like changing it to “Everything is fair in relationships”.


Dirty Talking

A Quora user shares his experience of ‘sexting’ which went wrong. The user begins his tale by saying that his father is a biology teacher and often talks about viruses. So, once when his girlfriend (now his ex) said ‘talk dirty to me’ over a text message, this user tried to be funny and replied “Bacteria, Fungi, Algae, Salmonella Typhi, Aedes Aegypti, Mycobacterium Leprae”. When the girl inquired as to what these are, the boy said that these were dirty entities that led to diseases. The girl probably did not like such humour and the relationship ended. That must surely be one of the weirdest reasons to break up.



My dream is to ‘not fly’

One Quora user shares his own experience of why he broke up with a girl he thought was the ‘complete package’. Though they had a lot in common; like they enjoyed reading, had the same political views, liked outdoor activities and even had the same kind of dry sense of humour. In fact, the guy was seriously considering even getting married to her. So, what was the deal breaker here then? Though he is not very proud of the reason, he confesses that he broke up because the girl refused to fly. Yup, she had a fear of airplanes and had decided to never get on one. Since the guy was an avid traveller, and he didn’t feel it would convenient to travel by cruise or hit the road every time he wanted to take a trip, he ended the relationship. Isn’t that one of the craziest reasons to break up?




Dark and handsome, but not tall

A friend of mine had been in a relationship with a girl for 5 years. They were pretty serious, at least he was. Honestly, though, I never liked the girl. Simply because she was just too controlling. They had been dating all throughout our college days and the guy even skipped a few exams because ‘she missed him’ too much and he opted to spend time with her rather than appear for an examination. In fact, right after college, the guy got a very good job offer and he turned it down. Why? Because apparently the girl didn’t like that company’s products. After all, this though, when they started talking about ‘getting married’ the girl simply broke up saying that my friend ‘was not as tall as the other guys’. Point to be noted, he was 5.6 inches tall, which is an average height for Indian guys. Weird, right?



It’s chocolate, not candy

A Quora user confesses to having broken up with a girl over a silly argument which kept escalating. Apparently, he and the girl he had then been dating had different opinions on whether chocolate is considered candy or not. The argument got so heated that after some time they were screaming at each other and he yelled, “Get the fuck out of my house!!” To his benefit, the guy admits that it was stupid on his part and it still cracks him up about how badly he handled the situation. Quite a funny reason to break up, don’t you think?



Photo-shoot? I’d rather shoot you

A friend of mine had been in a relationship with a girl from over a year. After getting to know each other quite well and getting the go-ahead from their respective families, there were all set to tie the knot. When the time came to discuss marriage stuff, the girl expressed her desire to get a candid prewedding photo shoot done (as is the trend these days). Not wanting to ‘act like a clown’ and pose for artificial candids, my friend said he did not want to get it done. The girl, however, was quite adamant. With neither of them willing to compromise, the relationship was called-off. That is one of the craziest reasons to break up for sure!



No change? Then we change

In a really funny/weird example, one Quora user narrates that his girlfriend dumped him over a WhatsApp display picture. Yup! That’s right. So this Quora user says that he had an argument with his girlfriend over a WhatsApp chat, and both of them had changed their display pictures at that time, to express how they were feeling emotionally during the argument. However, once the argument was over, this guy forgot to change his display picture. The girl though had already changed her display picture and broke up with him because he didn’t. Because, according to her he never really forgave her or got over their argument, which is why he didn’t change his picture. That sounds weird to another level!



Laughter is not the best medicine

A female Quora user confesses to having broken up with one of her ex’s simply because she didn’t like the way he laughed. According to her, the more he laughed, the more it irritated her and the lesser she liked him. So, she finally said goodbye to him. She even admits to being shallow, but that doesn’t make this any less of one of the weirdest reasons to break up.



You ‘like’ her and not me

A friend’s girlfriend broke up with him a few years back because he had ‘liked’ another girl’s picture on Facebook. Why did that matter so much? Because apparently, the girl in question was from a rival gang in their college. She even justified her reason further by saying, “I can’t trust you anymore.”

So, I guess things about girl rivalry are true after all. If it can lead to break-ups, it must be intense!



Just chilli (flake)ing

A friend of mine had a really clingy sort of boyfriend. He was super possessive and demanded to know her every move and if she ever forgot to inform him about her whereabouts, all hell broke lose. One fine day she decided that she had had enough. So she called him one last time to meet and tell him it was over. They met at a cafe where she ordered a pizza. Now, the guy was already pissed off and was continuously ranting on about why she didn’t call her, text her and blah blah. My friend had decided to concentrate on food rather than his cribbing. It so happened that while she was putting on chilli flakes over the pizza she had ordered, she blew on one of the slices because it had extra chilli flakes than she wanted. When she blew this flake, it flew over and went into the guy’s eyes, resulting in him being blinded with pain for a few minutes. That ended up being the reason for their break up, rather than my friend having to tell him that she didn’t want to be with him anymore. Quite a funny one, isn’t it?



No food, no relationship

A Quora user says one of his exes broke up with him over food. No, not because she was Joey (Joey doesn’t share food!!). Nope, this was because he used to buy lunch for her at the office where they worked together and one day he decided not to do that anymore. Turns out, that was the only reason she was with him anyway because once he stopped buying her food, she broke up with him. Some people are always looking for free lunches!



Mr. (too) Perfect

A woman broke up with her husband because he was apparently ‘too good to be true’. He was good looking, kind, funny and even helped her in household chores. This apparently was more than what deserved and hence she walked out of the marriage.




These reasons to break up make us think that the quote Money makes the world go mad should be replaced with Relationships make the world go mad. What do you think?


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