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10 Reasons Why The Tech Geek In You Can’t Afford To Miss The Workshops At TechKriti ’17

Updated on 1 September, 2018 at 12:49 pm By

Techkriti is an annual international technological and entrepreneurial festival held at Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur. Being one of the largest technical festivals in Asia, it attracts over 40,000 people from all over India and abroad. This mega tech fest will start from 23rd March and will last till March 26.



A major part of this fest are the workshops, which bring great speakers and leaders together to spread ideas and encourage the youth. This year also, a lot of great leaders and innovators have been invited. A plethora of workshops aims to impart technological know-how to the aspiring engineers and innovators.



Dear tech geeks, here are the reasons why these workshops will do wonders for you:


1. You will get an amazing opportunity to attend Techkriti 2017.


Workshops are the solid pillars of Techkriti and are instrumental in engaging the youth and encouraging innovation among them. The fest’s dedication to hosting different competitions makes us believe that they wish to promote all kinds of latent talents. And, believe me, no other tech fest has amalgamated entrepreneurship and technology with so much poise.


2. You will get to interact with new people.

You will get to interact with tech geeks from different parts of the country, work along with them and most importantly, exchange ideas.


3. You must have used several Android apps till now, but now it’s time to develop one.

There are currently over 150,000 apps available for Android. Android Market is the online app store run by Google, though apps can also be downloaded from third-party sites. if you have an app idea, then, this is the place to expand that idea and make it into a reality.

If you have an app idea, then, this is the place to expand that idea and make it into a reality.



4. The game development workshop will impart participants with the knowledge of the tools and techniques needed to design their dream game project.

This intensive two-day workshop will explore the day-to-day craft of game design through hands-on activities, group discussion, and analysis.


5. Have you ever dreamt of designing an insanely powerful engine?

If yes, then, right here, you will learn and understand the physics behind creating the engineering marvels. These workshops will give knowledge about the latest engines, transmission systems, brakes, and aerodynamic kits/bodyworks.


6.  Need a new website to promote your business?

The webpreneurship workshop will teach you how to design your own business-based website to promote your business.


7. You will get to learn to build a Quadcopter.

TriCopter UAV workshop will give you the expertise to build your own vertical flying object, and use it for delivery and surveillance systems, and also for doing aerobatic stunts.


8. Learn about the operating systems that form the base of the touchpads.

There will be lectures on the principle of Natural User Interfacing(NUI) and augmented reality. Through this, students will be able to make their own multi-touch pad. It’s time to step into a new era of motion sensing & gesture computing.


9. These workshops will provide the right knowledge to the aspiring cyber forensics & ethical hacking enthusiasts.

It will explore various ways that an intruder can gain access to computer resources, and it also investigates the weaknesses of cybersecurity systems.


10. These workshops will boost your out-of-the-box thinking, which will play a vital role in shaping the future of innovation.



For details visit: Official website:  or Official Facebook page:

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