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18 Reasons Why She Is Not Texting You Back

Updated on 5 December, 2015 at 5:59 pm By

Met a girl, got her number, and sent her a text… and now, waiting for her to reply back?


You thought you spent a meaningful day with this wonderful girl, who understood you so well. She genuinely seemed to enjoy your company. You exchanged a few complements and laughed at each other’s jokes. But when you texted her later, unable to contain the excitement, she didn’t reply? Sounds familiar?

Our experience says, here are some possible reasons that could help you to solve this puzzle:


1. You are acting needy and desperate.

You go on texting her tirelessly, hoping she will respond. And then she does not! Did you know that this unfounded chivalry on WhatsApp is merely telling her how desperate you are to get her attention? She could get back to you in a second or an hour later. What’s the rush? Have some patience, please. And if she doesn’t get back to you at all, move on, dude!


2. You are being impatient; she might be occupied.

You don’t like that she hasn’t texted you back even after having seen the message. Then you send her a series of question marks? Worse, you send her a “Hello????” or a sad emoticon to express your dismay at her response time. Man, she could just be busy. Maybe she didn’t even have the time to type in a response. Stop being impatient! You will ruin the show (before it even begins) if you don’t.



3. May be she wants you to make some more effort.

Some girls like to play hard-to-get; they want you to make some real effort, just to know that you are worth their time. Expressing your feelings via texts, quotes, songs, etc. on instant messengers alone is not enough! There’s a real world too, where you two have got to make eye contact, crack a joke together or share something intimate.


4. You are texting her too often.

Do you think that girls like receiving texts every other hour? Unless she is a psycho or obsessed with you, she doesn’t. Give your 10-texts-a-day regime a break, please. You may be annoying her a whole lot by texting her every few minutes. If you do that, she is not going to text you back even if you keep blowing up her phone.


5. Too many cheesy emoticons and smileys!

May be you are not leaving anything unsaid to impress her. Good. But, using those creepy-faced emojis after every line is a horrible idea. You are irritating her and trying too hard to get her to like you.


6. Her phone battery is probably dead.

Before you assume something, the reason for her not texting back could be that she is out with her friends and her phone battery died on her. Who carries a charger around all the time? So, relax and don’t go on cooking (and re-cooking) assumptions in your nasty little head.


7. What if something awful happened to her or her loved ones?

It’s rare but it can happen. So, don’t freak out waiting for her text while on the other side, she is having a tough time! If your freakiness becomes obvious through a few texts you send her at this junction, she will NOT text you back!


8. Shocker – she finds you boring.

You’ve bored her to sleep in your meeting with her and now she doesn’t want to take the chance to get more of that. She won’t text you back as you didn’t excite her. If she is kind, she will just make an excuse and quit the conversation. If she isn’t so concerned, she will just ignore you. Don’t lose heart. There are more girls out there in the world. Who bores or excites you, is a question of mutual chemistry.


9. Maybe you came on too strong.

You left nothing to imagine about your preferences, likes or dislikes. Girls like some mystery. So, don’t tell her the nitty-gritty of your life in one go, please! But at the same time, don’t hesitate to ask her about her life; girls seem to like that a whole lot. Perhaps she is not texting you back because she has no idea what to talk about now!


10. You offended her by your sexist and uncool comments.

May be you joked about animals without realizing that this girl you are wooing happens to be an avid animal lover. Make (indirect) amends as soon as possible! You have to be very careful with the choice of your words, if you don’t want to lose the chance. Think hard! Did your texts indicate something like that lately?


11. She simply is not interested in you.

Now, that’s called coming face-to-face with reality. But, it is not the end of the world. It is hard to swallow but the truth is that sometimes things don’t turn out the way we want them to be. Maybe she just isn’t into you. She won’t text you back because she doesn’t want to give you any wrong idea. Find another girl, dude.


12. Or maybe she is the shy kind and really into you.

You could be in for a pleasant surprise. So don’t destroy it by acting rashly. She may like you a lot and doesn’t want to appear overly keen or clingy in front of you.That is why she is taking the time to reply you back. Stop worrying about her reply, she must be thinking about you all the time.


13. She is a complete flirt.

Who says that only guys can flirt? There are girls who can flirt just as perfectly and even have a guy acting on their command! May be you were just a warm up; may be, she is actually interested in someone else. Sorry sweetheart, you just got used (a little)!


14. She is avoiding you.

She probably was drunk when you two had a heart-to-heart conversation. Now she doesn’t remember how good she (and you) felt during those fleeting moments. Now, she is consciously ignoring your texts and choosing not to text you back. Is this what happened to you, my friend?


15. She just doesn’t care.

Bad news – she is one of those people who don’t give a damn about others’ feelings. She doesn’t feel sorry about it and will not text you back. Do not even expect the slightest of courtesy from such a girl. Save yourself and run.


16. You are moving too fast

You have opened up too much and now, you are scaring her by getting too close too soon. Most girls like things to go slowly, and smoothly. She is just skeptical about texting you back. She needs time. Approach her offline. And like we said, go slow!


17. She is having a hard time recognizing you.

It’s embarrassing but man, it happens a lot. You run into someone, talk, swap numbers and have a good time. Then she moves on and forgets about you. When you text her, she has no idea who you are or just remembers you in bits and pieces. Yes, this is awkward. But she just doesn’t share the connection (whichever type it was).


18. You texted the wrong girl.

Ok, this is funny, but could happen to anyone. You didn’t save her number right or maybe she gave you a wrong number. In any case, you are just glued to the mobile and wondering like a fool all this time. You are not smart as you think you are!




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