11 Reasons Late-comers Always Give

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10:00 am 28 Jul, 2015


There are some people who are chronically late! Sometimes because of genuine reasons, sometimes because of simple miscalculation and sometimes because everyone is lazy!

But different people are late for different things. Some are late for project/assignment submissions. Some are late for paying bills. Some people simply reach late wherever they are to go. But just because you are late at one kind of task doesn’t mean you are late for all. Like everything else, lateness in a specific niche is entirely possible. For example, I reach places late but hand over my assignments on time!

So here is a list of reasons we late arrivals give and they are true! Well, most of the times!

1. No water!


We live in India. And not having water in the morning, at rush hour, is utterly common. It hurts though when the water cut is unannounced!


Late comers answer

And we are not stepping out of the house without a bath! sogou

2. No electricity!

We still live in India and it is impossible to predict when the lights are simply going to say tata and go away.


Reasons late comers give

And we are not going to have a bath with cold water! kiaikick

3. The clock stopped working!

Yes! It can happen! And you may think it is 6.30 in the morning when it really is 8.30! And bam! There goes your schedule!


Reason late comers give

Sometimes the clock stops working in the night… canyouactually

4. Vehicle malfunctioned!

Whether it is a dead battery, leaking fuel or a punctured tire, a vehicle can’t be perfect all the time, can it?


Reason late comers give

Wo subeh subeh gaadi chaluich nahi hua! wordlesstech

5. Traffic!

Yet again we are in India and more than usual ginormous amounts of traffic can get you late when the traffic snakes back millions of kilometers because of raaste ki khudai, MLA ke liye traffic roko or an upturned truck.


Reason late comers give

Billi rasta kaati toh saari gaadiyan ruk gayi. Ma kasam! theroadtochangeindia

6. Accident!

If there is an accident and we still turn up to our meeting without an injury, it is because we are in India! It means that someone dashed us, we got out, they got out, we had a spat, we became friends or got compensation and then came to where we were supposed to come. Insurance claim karne mein toh paisa lagta hai na?


Reason late comers give

Wo raste ka khadda avoid karne gaya… ndtv

7. Mamu caught me!

Ok, I am beginning to get the picture as to why Indians are chronically late. They have so many things to be late about! Like if the Hawaldar catches you, checks your papers, makes you get a PUC, what can you do but support the law in its functioning?


Reason late comers give

Hum toh tere aashik hai sadiyon puraane! Ab toh tum gaye bacchu! thehindu

8. Forgot my phone.

Yes. Can happen. Or wallet. Or keys. Or dabba. Or paani. Or rumaal. And then you have to go back all the way to get it.


Reason late comers give

Actually I forgot to wear clothes only today! rediff

9. Kaamwali Bai

The Kaamwali Bai had not got done. Enough said.


Reason late comers give

No, no, I wasn’t complaining about you Sakkubai! Please forgive me! twitter

10. Had to take X to doctor

Whether that is your mom, her mom, your pet, your watchman, that stranger from across the street, if I had to take someone to the doctor, I had to take someone to the doctor.


Reason late comers give

No no! I don’t have crush on doctor at all! bearinsider

11. Stomach upset!

If your stomach is upset, you automatically get extra loo time. It is not severe enough to bunk the meeting, but it definitely means some more levels of Candy Crush while you get done on the pot.



When it comes to giving reasons as to why you are late, you can be creative or you can be honest. Which kinds are you?



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