Reasons a Man Should Take the Lead in a Relationship

Updated on 19 Jan, 2018 at 4:01 pm


In order to have a good relationship, there must be only one leader. How to be a spiritual leader in a relationship? Men are inherently inclined to make decisions and abandon their beliefs. Women are more likely to hesitate and adapt more easily to any changes. You can see it on the dating site.

Unfortunately, we have to state that few of the men are drawn seriously for the role of the real leaders of relationships. On the other hand, a leader in a relationship is largely formed by a woman who is ready to recognize the power of a man over herself. Unfortunately, the situation here is not better: women complain that there are no real men, and at the same time, they don’t want someone to lead them. It is important to consider: a real man will bind himself with family ties only with that woman who knows how to obey. If a woman can’t obey and is not ready to recognize a man as the leader, a real man will never be her husband.

In our time, when women work as much as men do, you can increasingly hear about equality as an ideal family model. But in practice, it is unrealistic to reach agreement on all issues. Sometimes a decision needs to be made quickly, and then one should take responsibility for it.
Usually, a man is a leader in a healthy relationship. If your relationship doesn’t look like this, then read the tips of how to be a leader in a relationship.

The main functions of the leader in a relationship:

1. Establishment of clear relationship rules.

Women are not very inclined to come up with and formulate rules, at least explicitly, directly, and in a certain way. Women are more inclined to create traditions. But for men, it’s usually easier. Men tend to be more inclined to clear rules.

2. Compliance with the rules of a relationship.


Women often have a bad mood, they are more distracted, and they just have a lot of things and responsibilities in their relationships and families. Men are usually more methodical in this matter. They organize the necessary discussions, bring them to the end, and monitor the implementation of the reached agreements. It is also the work of a relationship leader.

3. Responsibility for the individual decision.

Sometimes an authoritarian solution of the issues is needed. If the issue is discussed and not resolved hour after hour, day after day and it is not possible to agree, it is more reasonable if a leader of a relationship takes the decision. He will be responsible for the consequences of this decision.

4. Questions that are difficult and which a woman herself doesn’t want to decide.

Whether she is scary, it needs too much responsibility; whether the decision is difficult and a girlfriend doesn’t want to be substituted or the questions are solved only by fight and this is not entirely female. And a man is a leader of a relationship. So, let he takes on and decides all these questions.

The role of a woman is also very important, a man expects support from her and it is important to him what she thinks. If a woman has enough wisdom to express her thoughts unobtrusively, she greatly influences what decisions a man makes. And there are many examples of such hidden influence of women of different rulers in history. After all, a woman has intuition and is close to her man, so her advice can be very valuable.

Being the leader in a relationship, a man should have such traits as competence, leadership skills, the existence of levers of power and worldly wisdom. Relationships, where men are leaders, are happier and less controversial. If a girl doesn’t prevent her boyfriend from leading, he develops responsibility, determination, self-confidence, and firmness. And a woman, taking off the responsibility, becomes more calm and peaceful.