There are certain things that never grow old, at least not quickly; one of them is fashion. What was once fashionable can remain so at a later period of time if it commands ageless beauty, and it is this agelessness that makes the Hermès painted dress collection from 1952 a timeless fashion trend. One look at them and you know you can wear them to add class plus zing to your style. The images were taken by Gordon Parks.

1. Go vintage

m (1)

 2. Back to basics

m (1)

3. The new ME

m (2)


4. Ready to make a splash

m (3)


5. Beauty of the belted waist


m (4)


6. You couldn’t get more chic


m (5)

7. Didn’t borrow a page from fashion mag

m (6)

8. Power dressing at its very best

m (7)

9. The modern-retro YOU

m (8)

10. She’s a double winner

m (9)

11. Here! Here!

m (11)

12. Shimmering

m (12)

13. The vintage wonder

m (14)


Credit: Messy Nessy Chic