Police Reports Reveal An Unsettling Reason Behind Burari’s Mass Suicide Case

5:04 pm 3 Jul, 2018


A family of 11 was found mysteriously dead in their home in North Delhi’s Burari area. The deceased included 7 women and 4 men; among them, were a 77-year-old woman and 3 minors. The family members were found by a local resident of the area who later reported it to the Delhi police. The dead bodies were found hanging from a ceiling ventilator of the house that made it look like a mass suicide.

While the Delhi Police was figuring out multiple theories behind this horrific incident, certain odd things were discovered during the investigation. The eyes and mouth of the dead bodies were found taped, however, none of the bodies showed any signs of struggles. The police found the family dog alive but chained on the terrace of the house.



Apparently, further chilling details have come up from the investigation of the mass suicide. In a strange revelation, 11 pipes have been found from one wall of the house and all of them were placed close together without a water connection. Furthermore, Delhi police have found two diaries from the house that made some more bizarre revelations.



After studying the diaries, the crime branch concluded that Lalit Bhatia, the youngest son of Narayan Devi, 77-year-old who died in the incident, had been making notes on someone’s directions. The handwritten notes in the diary suggested that Lalit was following the instructions of his late father Gopal Das Bhatia who died 10 years ago.




Sources suggest that Lalit Bhatia could have been mentally unfit and thus had been hallucinating about his father. He had reportedly taken a vow of silence a few years ago but then recently started talking to inform about the “visits” from his dead father to his family. The police believe that he was making notes on instructions of his dead father since 2015. Delhi police officer said:

“In these diaries, Lalit Bhatia wrote about dreaming about his father and taking instructions about the family, property and family responsibilities from him.”



Later it was decoded from the diary that Lalit’s father asked him to perform a ritual for the banyan tree calling it “badh puja” in order to make the gods happy. The diary has further references that the dead bodies should resemble the prop roots of a banyan tree. After this, the police are now probing that Lalit was in touch with a ‘tantric‘ named Gada Baba who might have brainwashed the family into committing the mass suicide.



According to the police, the rest of the family blindly followed the instructions in the diary. The notes in the diary indicated that the family was planning some kind of spiritual or mystical practice of mass suicide to attain salvation.  Furthermore, 11 ‘taped’ cell phones on silent modes have also been found as mentioned in the recovered diary.



The autopsy reports of six of the 11 members revealed that the cause of their death was ligature hanging. Delhi police registered a murder case after finding ligature marks around the neck of 77-year-old Narayan Devi prompting the investigators that she was forcibly strangled. And the police has started a manhunt for the ‘tantric‘.