This Is Why The Women In Bengaluru Ran A Marathon In Saree

6:13 pm 14 Feb, 2018


If you can think it, you can do it. A rather complex outfit, saree, did not deter a group of women in Bengaluru to participate in Marathon. It was a treat to the eyes to witness about 120 saree-clad women, who assembled in Indiranagar’s 100-Feet Road, Bengaluru, to take part in Saree-Run.



Saree Run is a partnership between Pinkathon and Taneira, which is one of the brands of Titan. This run was aimed at creating the awareness about the health of women and the breast cancer. This run also substantiates that women can run in any outfit, comfortable to them.



The women participants started with a bang by performing a Zumba. They were aided by the employees of the Taniera to drape their sarees in a way so that they can run comfortably. The women were able to dress in a dhoti-style saree which helped them keep their garment in the right place as they “get, set, and go”.



The real eye-popper moment was when the viewers witnessed two women participants having their children strapped to their chests. These women used the baby wearers to keep their babies tied to their chests as they ran. This was truly a delightful watch to the people around.



The women not only ran, but they ran pretty well as some women were able to complete their three-kilometre run in just 15 minutes. Talking about the average time, most of the women took half an hour. The event was attended by some distinguished personalities like Anju Kadam, Pragya Prasun, and Nagarathna Bhat.



After the run, there was an inspirational session where the women narrated motivational stories and talked about the causes of breast cancer and issues related to the women’s health.

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