13 Hard Truths You Learn After You Graduate College

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Updated on 1 Sep, 2018 at 8:29 pm


Tomorrow, you will complete one year on your job and you find it hard to fall asleep as your mind is busy rewinding all the good days and bad days of college life. Suddenly, the night before your first day at college starts playing in your mind and you realize that life turned out so differently.

Probably it was meant like this. Reality hits you and you realize some real hard truths, which you wished somebody had told you before. I will make it easy for you. Here is the list….

1. You won’t have your dream job or your dream salary after finishing college. 

Forget about your dream job. In India, getting a job after college is a silent prayer of every graduate. But bros, that doesn’t mean you cannot achieve your dreams. Keep struggling and go ahead because that’s the destiny of every graduate.

2 . You will still ask your parents for money. 

“College se nikalte he bhai Harley Dividson lunga.” Dude, your first salary will wipe out at Hard Rock Cafe or at Downtown and by the time you learn to invent ways to save your money, your first dream will be of buying a Pulsar bike.    

3. College does not give you free girlfriend coupons. You have to earn it.

Because there are people who enter college with a “single” tag and keep the same momentum for four years.

4. The real world sucks a lot more than you thought.

You thought the bitchy world of college was frustrating, just try walking outside the college walls, there are monsters (bosses) waiting to eat you up.

5. You’ll never really be ready for what comes your way.

There is a universal law of college life: the girlfriend/boyfriend you love in your college days may not be with you forever. Just “may”, not to break your heart.

6. After four years, you will be still wondering why did you pursue this course?

It was written in your kundali. Not your mistake bro!


7. Your promised yourself that you would not break your smoking and alcohol virginity in college.

But the day you had to re-appear, you blamed Royal Stag for your hangover.

8. Most of your friends will never talk to you after college.


First year – 50 friends

2nd year – 20 friends

3rd year – 10 friends

Final year – 4 friends

That’s the statistical display of friendship.

9. Placement is not equal to happiness.

In youth’s dictionary, placement means losing an opportunity to start a start-up.

10. If you want to do something, do it fast.

You planned to propose to your crush during the Farewell. You are just too late, someone smarter than you already did it a year ago. Better luck next time.

11. Never trust a friend who says he is the ‘Father-of contacts’.

Because he is the one who is still unemployed till now.

12. You will still be confused about what you really want to do.

The day you learn to follow your heart, the confusion will disappear forever.

13. But this is totally fine.

All the confusion, wrong decisions, break-ups and late realizations are part and parcel of life. Everyone faces such issues, even the ones who write listicles like these (including me).