6 Of The Most Realistic Space Ships Ever Designed In Science Fiction

10:00 am 13 Jul, 2017


Usually, movies are a mere representation of what we see around us. Spaceships were understood by common man only by their representation in movies. Science fiction has gained more attention since the time spaceships and aircraft have been introduced to us.

Since we all can’t make it to NASA and see the amazing fusion of astronomy and technology thus these directors from Hollywood have researched and satisfied our urge.

Netflix has taken this to another level where they target youth and create interesting shows based on real discoveries in space. Today’s generationis stepping out of their comfort zone and indulging in series where they are glued to the screen. This is because the story is narrated in such an interesting manner.

Talking about science fiction in movies, they have placed themselves far from mainstream science. Here they talk about extraterrestrial lifeforms, alien worlds and time travel along with futuristic elements such as spacecrafts and robots. Here is list of movies which had the most realistic spaceship designs ever:

1. ‘Interstellar’ – This movie was not enough just to be watched once. It gives you some idea of how things work in NASA. It is a jaw-dropping movie because of its story line and life-like design of the spaceship.


Endurance from the movie Interstellar. Wikimedia Common2.


2. Babylon 5’s Starfury – It was a truly groundbreaking piece of VFX. Here, Starfury is the main fighter in the Earth-Alliance military. It has extreme agility and is able to do a full 360 turn in under a second.


Babylon 5’s Starfury was created using LightWave. Wikimedia Common


3. ‘Europa Reports’ – This movie takes you to another dimension.


From the movie- Europa Report. Wikimedia Commons


4. ‘Prometheus’ – Having been designed by Arthur Max, the ship then went into CG production under the guidance of MPC’s visual effects supervisor Charley Henley. The Prometheus was built up in Maya, with one of the most challenging features of the ship being its thrusters.


The Prometheus was built up in Maya. Wikimedia Commons


5. ‘Star Wars’ – The X-wing star fighter’s greatest asset was its versatility. X-wings were nimble enough to dogfight with TIE fighters while tough enough to slug it out with Imperial ships of the line.

From the movie, Star Wars. Wikimedia Commons


6. District 9 – This movie explores themes of humanity, xenophobia, and social segregation. It begins in an alternate 1982, when an alien ship appears over Johannesburg, South Africa. Even though the story is purely fictitious but the design of the spaceship is close to real.



From the movie, District 9Wikimedia Commons