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The Truth Behind Why Sonu Nigam Actually Quit Twitter Is Very Important To Know

Published on 24 May, 2017 at 8:39 pm By

Sonu Nigam deleted his Twitter account following the social media company blocking that of Abhijeet Bhattacharya’s. If you are a ‘bhakt’ of mainstream media then by now you must have read why.



But what is going to be presented here is a sinister truth.

It so happened that JNU student leader and AISA member Shehla Rashid posted a tweet containing an article published by the Hindustan Times.

Abhijeet responded to that tweet. But before we move on to that, it is important to take note of what the article said:

1. Nowhere did the article claim that the main accused, Tinu Jain, was a BJP leader. It stated in very clearly written words in the English language that the man was the founder of an outfit called ‘Narendra Modi Army Brigade’. Just because it has the name of the PM does not make the outfit a part of BJP, does it?

2. In that same article, Gwalior district BJP president Devesh Sharma is quoted as saying that the man is not from the party, which is very much obvious. You cannot link any random outfit to a national party.


3. Jain had photographs of him posing with Narendra Modi and other BJP leaders. Technically, anyone can pose with the ministers of the party. Ever since he was elected to power, PM Modi himself posed for innumerable photographs with random people during his many trips in India and abroad. He has also posed for photographs with his supporters.

Rashid’s tweet must be viewed under this light. When seen under this lens, Rashid’s comment appears as an absolutely false allegation against BJP leaders.

Abhijeet’s response was to that tweet, but he deleted it following outrage:



Of course, what Abhijeet said about Rashid is crass, degrading and condemnable in the strongest words. Which is what all the anti-BJP forces in the country eagerly, and rightly, did.

And then, Abhijeet’s Twitter account was suspended.

It is indeed praiseworthy when a social media platform and the people using it report abusive comments. And when such comments are against women, the commentators must be blocked. So far, what Twitter did appears responsible.

But that is not where the story ends. Reports claim that Sonu Nigam was offended by what Twitter did to Abhijeet and, in protest, deleted his own account.

Is that so? Is Sonu Nigam, who is loved by God knows how many women, so insensitive towards abuses against women?

To understand that we will have to dive into what Nigam posted before he deleted his account. There were 24 tweets, and thankfully Twitterati maintains screenshots (just like they did in Abhijeet’s case).

So here they are. Read them carefully. (Each frame presents the tweets in reverse order.)






Did he support Abhijeet? No. Did he say Paresh Rawal was absolutely right in asking for Arundhati Roy to be tied to an army jeep instead of stone pelter? No. Was he insulting Shehla Rashid? No.

Nigam was merely pointing at what appears to many as a very sinister fact – Twitter is heavily biased towards Leftists.

He may be right because in spite of posting lies (such as the one Rashid posted about BJP), abusive words, insult of women, and even tweets that could have invited riots in India, Twitter allegedly does not suspends the accounts if they belong to Leftists, Left-wing parties, supporters of pro-Separatist Kashmiris, supporters of Naxal terrorism, and anyone in the media, intelligentsia or community who sides with such elements.

It is precisely this question that a Twitter user raised:

And the question is very significant. Here are some examples of serious violations of everything that Twitter claims it upholds.

Tehseen Poonawalla, a Congress supporter and relative of the Vadra family, used absolutely filthy language for Textile Minister (then HRD minister) Smriti Irani.


Sagarika Ghose tweeted this communally sensitive and absolutely false remark about Muslims being killed in India.

She deleted her tweet following a threat of an FIR by a Twitter user for incitement to riots and the Mumbai police taking note of the same. The screenshot of the same tweet was re-posted by Shehla Rashid with an open challenge for an FIR.

When asked ‘why’, Ghose insinuated that she was victimized for she “dared” to talk about Muslims being attacked.

Fact remains that communal violence is a reality but it is not that Muslims are being killed.

In West Bengal, Hindus have been forced to flee their homes, temples and even schools have been attacked by Islamists for celebrating Hindu festivals. In Kerala, communists attack and kill RSS members with impunity. In Karnataka, women were molested by a group of ‘unidentified’ men. The common thread is that none of these states have a BJP government in power so the Leftists and anti-BJP forces have no problem with these and never speak about these.

There is more.

Journalist Rana Ayyub mocked entire Haryana just because Bollywood actor Randeep Hooda challenged the logic of Gurmehar Kaur. (And Hooda’s dignified language would shame the communist trolls, their supporters and those who mocked Hooda.)

The Left brigade called Babita Phogat names when she, too, questioned Kaur’s logic and opposed Ayyub’s insensitive remark on people of Haryana.

Just like Paresh Rawal, Rashid had once tweeted a morphed picture of Gambhir tied to the army jeep.

And it was not a first.

Yet in all these circumstances Twitter did not suspend the accounts.

There are, in fact, hundreds from the Left-wing, the pro-Separatist Kashmiris, and anti-BJP forces who regularly abuse women, nationalists, BJP leaders (including the Prime Minister), the Indian Army and pro-Hindu groups.

This brings us back to the post in which we saw the picture of Raheel Khursheed, the head of Twitter’s News Partnerships division in India.


Raheel Khursheed.

Khursheed is a journalist-turned-activist from Kashmir. In 2014, he was accused of insulting Narendra Modi before the latter became the Prime Minister of India. He was also accused of insulting Hindu sentiments. Two separate petitions were filed on seeking the removal of Khursheed. He has also been accused of bullying a 15-year-old girl who stood up to Leftists of JNU. But he was defended by other Leftists who claimed that he was not mocking the girl.

But the question is: Is Khursheed responsible for suspension of accounts? This is what he had to say following outrage after the suspension of an account which slammed Islamists.

But if Twitter can suspend someone’s account for violating ethics, why not that of Khursheed? Perhaps this is why the outrage over the bias displayed by Twitter when it comes to suspending users continues is raging, ironically on Twitter.


It is a very serious war, and the saddest part is no one is keeping ideological and political differences aside and uniting against hate and abuses.


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