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The Real Meaning Of Emojis: An End To All The Confusion

Published on 16 April, 2016 at 4:00 pm By




These days we spend most of our time messaging each other. Earlier, there were very few smileys that we could use but now with changing technology and social applications there is a huge set of smileys. Some smileys are very obvious but there are some really complicated ones. Here’s the meaning of some of the more complicated ones:


1. The Vulcan hand sign.

You can use this sign if you want to say “live longer and prosper”. Not a difficult sign to understand if you  are a Trekkie (a Star Trek fan).



2. The Oden emoji.


This is a Japanese meal made of egg and fish cake. You can use it when you are about to eat something delicious.



3. The Confounded face.

This mean you have reached the verge of tears.



4. Disappointed but relieved face.

That’s not a tear, that’s sweat. It means you have been through something really tough but are now relieved.



5. The fist emoji.

That’s a fist bump for a good job!



6. These signs are sign of anger used in anime and manga.



7. The Tengu, a Japanese goblin that symbolizes anger.



8. The ‘Information Desk Person’ emoji.

This smiley is supposed to indicate a sassy office worker. Use it when you are being sassy.



9. The praying hands.

People often get it wrong and confuse this for a high five. Notice the light emerging from behind.



10. Emoji with sunglasses.

This smiley symbolizes coolness. Use it when you do something awesome.



11. The waving hand emoji.

It can be used for both hellos and goodbyes. People generally use it for goodbyes.



12. The ‘100’ emoji.

It’s used to symbolize the perfect score or to signify total certainty.



13. Grinning emoji.

No, that’s not an angry emoji, it’s a grin of happiness.



14. The laughing tears smiley.

Do not confuse it with a sad emoji. It means you are laughing so hard that you’ve got tears in your eyes.



15. Emoji without a mouth.

This one is the secret-keeper smiley. You can use this while telling someone that you will keep their secret. Or it can be used to tell people that you have a secret and you can’t tell them.




Source: Idealist 4ever

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