Real-Life Snake Terrifies Passengers After Dropping From Overhead Compartment

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4:14 pm 8 Nov, 2016

A poisonous snake sparked panic on a plane in Mexico after it dropped from an overhead compartment mid-flight.

The five-foot-long green viper shocked passengers when it descended from an overhead baggage compartment and fell onto some seats.

Twitter/Indalecio Medina

Twitter/Indalecio Medina

Local airline Aeromexico has confirmed that there was a snake incident.

Twitter user Indalecio Medina posted a short video of the incident on November 6 showing the green reptile hanging from near the plane’s ceiling.

Through the video it was clear that passengers handled the surprise with an impressive amount of calm.


Medina called this experience as unique and said he captured the snake in a blanket and “gave it some magazines to read.”

The plane was given priority landing in Mexico City and members of the city’s animal control department came aboard the aircraft to remove the serpent.

The airline is investigating how the snake got into the airplane and is taking measures to avoid it happening in the future.



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