Ready To Feel Alive Once Again? Capture Your Lavish Castle Dream Here If You Cannot Remember

3:00 pm 22 Apr, 2014


Beautiful! If you didn’t have time to visit one of the best technicolor castle which was abandoned for more than 20 years, we have compiled all the images for you to enjoy the experience here. This is an instance of miraculous art that we found in the corner of an internet. According to MessyNessy, hidden away in the Tuscan hills of Northern Italy, this electrifying and beautiful Moorish castle was built over 400 years ago in 1605, but for more than two decades, it’s been sitting empty, neglected, vulnerable to vandalism and to the elements.These technicolor images will force you to release the chain of your thoughts and you will be amazed to see how they are unique in their own way. Look closely towards each image and watch yourself going into some illusion of of additional hues and depth.


1. Show-stopper, a jaw-dropper

Castello di Sammezzano

2. Here are 365 rooms in the Castello di Sammazzano, one for every day of the year


electrifyingly beautiful Moorish castle

3. The Moroccan-style palatial villa is a labyrinthe of exquisitely tiled rooms, each one intricately unique

There are 365 rooms in the Castello

4. Originally built by a Spanish noble, Ximenes of Aragon in the 17th century

transformed into the etherial palace

5. It wasn’t until the 19th century that the castle would find its arabian identity and get transformed

Moroccan-style palatial villa

6. Transformed into the etherial palace it resembles today

intricately unique

7. Ferdinando, who lived and died at the property, spent 40 years planning, financing and realizing this exotic castle

example of orientalist architecture in Italy

8. During the war, the Germans came looting, stealing mainly from the castle’s surrounding park. They took many important statues and fountains of Moorish style, as well as an entire bridge and a grotto featuring a statue of Venus. When the war ended, the castle became a luxury hotel, restaurant and bar

the castle became a luxury hotel, restaurant and bar.

9. For a decade, it stood without a master of the house until 1999, when a British company ceremoniously bought the Castello di Sammezzano at auction

vaulted rooms and archways empty

10. Investment company ran into “economic issues” and the castle was forgotten, left to fall into an extreme state of disrepair

 exterior damage by vandals

11.The Comitato FPXA help to arrange and promote public openings and now the property has been quietly sold to the global developer, Palmerston Hotel & Resorts

property has been quietly sold to the global developer

12. They have obtained all necessary planning approvals and claim redevelopment is scheduled to commence in 2014

claim redevelopment is scheduled to commence in 2014

13. The fairytale ending

mint tea under those otherworldly ceilings.



Credit: Martino Zegwaard, Massimo Listri, Dan Raven, Darmé,

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