PM Modi’s Charisma? Government’s Email Readership Rate On Increase

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7:22 pm 4 Jun, 2016


It seems that Prime Minister Narendra Modi and its government popularity is increasing day by day.

96 percent of the citizens read the email sent by the government, thanking them for participation in ‘Make in India’ week in Mumbai last year.

As per details, an e-mailer was sent in March to nearly 46,000 people. It was one of the most successful among the 217 e-mail campaigns done by the Centre.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Assam Indiatoday

Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Assam

Also, 92,000 readers, highest-ever number, followed the PM’s trip to Malaysia and Singapore last November.


The email regarding the same was sent by the government to as many as 76.14 lakh people.


An official explained that the private industry e-mails has 1-2 percent readership rate whereas Modi government email has a 5.3 percent rate.


“Further, over 80 lakh URLs clicks have been recorded and 30,000 such e-mails were forwarded. It is a good record showing people’s interest in Modi government’s performance,” a senior government official said.



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